Halloween Town (Jack Skellington X Reader)

"Oh my god!!" You gasped at the sight before you as you stopped in your tracks.

There stood a tree with a pumpkin door; it was from the Nightmare Before Christmas movie. You couldn't stop yourself from opening the door; it felt like you weren't in control of your own body. You grabbed the handle of the pumpkin door and flung it open; it was pitch black as you stuck your head through the door then felt someone pushing you in. You screamed bloody murder as you fell through the darkness.


1. 1

The car came to a stop causing you to stir awake. You tiredly looked out the window at your new home feeling a peg of sadness of why you're moving here. Since the car accident a few months ago that took your dad your mom had to move out of the house wanting fresh things that didn't remind her of your dad. You stepped out of the car grabbing your bag.

"(Y/N) dear, what do you think?" Your mother asks coming over to you.

You glanced at the house than at her shrugging, "It's okay I suppose."

You stagger over to the house walking in there were boxes all over the place the movers already arrived a few days ago.

"Your room is upstairs, please unpack you do have school Monday and I'd hate for you to spend your whole weekend unpacking." Your mom told you. 

You took off upstairs walking in the room to your left was filled with unpacked boxes. You sighed not really in the mood to unpack anything but not wanting to upset your mom you set your bag down walking over to a box you start unpacking. Filling the room with all your favorite things. You took a break from packing sitting on your bed you looked at the Voodoo doll on your nightstand on your birthday your dad gave it to you. It was his most prized possession, he always told you that it had these powers different from other Voodoo Dolls.

"(Y/N)! Dinner!" Your mother hollered from downstairs. You glanced at your clock it was already eight.

You walked downstairs and into the kitchen seeing two plates on the table. You took a seat as your mom placed dinner on the table. You dug in as your mom poured herself a glass of wine.

"Did you get everything unpacked?" She asked looking at her constantly vibrating Blackberry.

"Yes." You answered stuffing your face then took a break to pour yourself some Pepsi in your glass.

"Excited for school?"

"Not really." You muttered.

Your mom sighs as she finishes her food she stood putting her plate and glass in the sink then turned to you, "I'm going to get some work done love you, honey." Your mom walked over to you kissing your forehead then went into her office.

You clean up your mess then head to your room knowing you won't be seeing her for the rest of the night. You glance out your bedroom window looking at the trees in the backyard. You felt an urge to go there but it was already dark.

I'll go tomorrow, you thought.

You yawned and decided to take a shower the bathroom is attached to your room. As you got out you wrapped a towel around yourself and stood in front of the mirror and grabbed your hairbrush brushing your (length of hair) hair. Once satisfied you put the brush on the sink and brush your teeth then change into a pair of pjs. You pulled back the covers getting into bed falling fast asleep.


Okay so first time doing a reader story hopefully, I did okay.

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