Bad boy cam

Cameron dallas is a bad boy who just wants sex but when he meets kayley he falls in love with her hard.

Kayley is the new girl and shes a good girl.

Will the opposites attract or will they become enemies����


2. kylies pov

I ran to my parents and got a t-shirt out of my suitcase and went to the toliets to change my top around. I couldn't put my wet top anywhere so i had to throw it into the bin.

Skip to plane

We had all got on to the plane in our first class seats but i thought that was quite unusual because we always go second class like normal people. I thought nothing of it at first so i went to sleep all the way there after i thought was only a couple hours i was awoken by my mum telling me we are about to land wow i thought i have been asleep for ages i put my seat belt back of and shortly after we landed we got of the plane and went to find out luggage after we got our luggage we went outside and there was a limo waiting for us with a man holding a sign saying the jeavons family. Okay this is strange i thought.

"Mum why have we got a limo what is happening" i said slightly confused.

"Well me and your father didnt really tell you that your father got a new job and a music company working for celebrities like justin bieber"my mom said

"Omg really would i be able to meet justin bieber" i said

"Umm no" my father replied

"Oh ok" i said a bit disappointed. We had finally got to our new house it was huge i looked bigger than a mansion. I couldnt wait any longer in the limo i ran straight into the house and up the stairs to find the biggest room.

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