1. The Poem

So this is where they're going to leave me

In a place worthy of Adam's Eve 

Where the evil serpent tempts us all

Some of us are ever so desperate to answer that call


I'm thinking of the words I'm trying to say

I don't want them to leave me here astray

I can feel their vise like grip around my throat

With every ounce of my strenghth I try not to choke


They want me to do whatever I am told

My right as an individual is something they stole

I don't think they meant for it to be this way

It was just getting increasingly hard for them to stay


I don't think they could have sailed on this ocean I am

Yet I would have drown in the river of what I might have been

So from this diving board at which I stand

I wave goodbye to the ever so distant land


As I dive deeply into my very own dark abyss

All I can think about is what I might miss

Soon enough my ocean's toxic waters fill my lungs

So this is where I'm left to wonder what I could've done

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