When a small town starts having to deal with death of teens, residential's of Crystal mount county start to feel dreadful at night. Leah believes that in her sleep she is reason of the deaths after finding out a mystical secret that she hides inside. That might scare here but at the same time satisfy her at some point of her life.


24. What’s in the memory card?

Chapter 23- What’s in the memory card?

[Leah and Asher talking]

-“Asher, do you think…”Leah said not finishing

-“no, no, let’s not jump to any conclusions, ok?” Asher said

-“we have to see what is on that memory” Leah says

[Bell rings]

-“fuck!” Leah says

-“it’s going to have to be after class” Asher says

-“I don’t know if I can wait so long” Leah says

-“it’s not like we have another option, we have to keep low profile on this case” Asher said

-“yeah, yeah, I know…” Leah said disappointed

-“see you later” Asher said walking away

-“later” Leah said and heading to class as well

Leah Arrives to class and sits down.

-“we killed him…” she hears the same voice

-“what?” Leah asked to nobody

-“we killed…him!” the voice says as if it is mad

Someone touches Leah on the shoulder behind her at the same time the voice screamed making Leah jump.

-“sorry, I…didn’t mean to scare you” a teen boy said to Leah

-“No, no, it’s cool” Leah says tucking her hair behind her ear and smiling –“what’s up Nick?”

-“hey, I just…wanted to know of the date was still up"

-“I…um…*clears throat* date?” Leah says

-“yeah, we talked about it in the party, your party” Nickolas said

-“oh wow, Nick everything was so blurry and I can't remember a think” Leah said smiling

“I get haha, yeah we were all seeing blurry I guess” Nickolas said

-“no, it's not that I don't want to...just...a lot is going on right now so....” Leah said

-“nah yeah, cool I understand” Nickolas said then walking away


-"yeah, no sweat, don't worry about it, it's cool, maybe another time then"

-"yeah totally, another time would be great" Leah said happy

[After class Leah and Asher at Asher’s house]

-“you ready Leah” Asher said with his laptop in front of him

Asher places the memory card into the laptop and just before he clicks play

-"Nick asked me out in a date" Leah said unexpectedly

-"what?" Asher asked

-he actually asked me on a date" Leah said

-"and...what did you say?"

-"I said yes...a thousand times yes"

-"oh...Asher said depressive

-"in my head"

-"you said no?"

-"Asher, I can't be thinking of dating at a tike like's, it's, wrong"

-"you should just do what's best for you"

-"how to know what is best?"

-"sometimes you see the best but we are to scared to face it" Asher says


-"should I...?"

-"yeah, yeah, play"

We see Leah preparing for bed.

-“we should just fast forward to see if we find anything unusual” Asher said fast forwarding

-“wait!” Leah says

Leah sees her waggling around on her bed side to side. Then stays laying heads up for a minute and starts twitching repeatedly, then stops and opens eyes. Sits up in bed swinging her head slightly side to side. She then sees how she removes her covers with a quick yank and sits there for a minute. Then gets of the bed spiritless and heads to the door.

-“first time I see me sleepwalking…gives me the chills” Leah says

They hear a thud in the video, they assume it was Leah sleepwalking body hitting the door.

Then they see Leah walk back in camera angle sleepwalking, slowly starts turning her head towards the camera.

-“did you just…” Asher said

-“noticed that the camera was there” Leah said

They then see Leah’s transformation and the video ends.

Leah just sits in shock.

-“what…the fuck…was that…” Leah said still in shock –“Asher what the fuck happened to me?!” Leah screamed

-“that was…was…you” Asher said

-“no, no, Asher, that was not me, no fucking way” Leah says

-“Leah, I-” Asher doesn’t finish

Leah stands up and runs her fingers through her hair agonized

-“Asher what the hell did I turn into?” Leah said freaked out

-“look, Leah, just calm down” Asher said

-“calm down?! You want me to calm down?! After what I just watched?! Asher I transformed into a monster last night, and I have absolutely no knowledge of it at all!” Leah says still completely agonized.

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