When a small town starts having to deal with death of teens, residential's of Crystal mount county start to feel dreadful at night. Leah believes that in her sleep she is reason of the deaths after finding out a mystical secret that she hides inside. That might scare here but at the same time satisfy her at some point of her life.


41. Nightmare ended

Chapter 40- Nightmare ended

[Amanda, Asher and the sheriff make it to the school]

Asher lowers to Justin and Joshua

-“there unconscious still” Asher says

-“better off leaving them” Amanda said

-“let’s check on Leah” Asher said getting up

-“oh my God!” Asher and Amanda hear the sheriff down the hall

Asher and Amanda run to the sheriff. They both see the lullaby fainting.

-“please tell me that is not my daughter’s body”

-“don’t worry, it’s not…it’s mine, after I got shot I passed the body only to mine” Lullaby said

-“where’s- -where’s my brother?” Asher asked

-“he is alive, somewhere in school, couldn’t have gone far” Lullaby said

Asher goes to find him

-“I think it is time to bring your friend back” Lullaby said

-“yeah” Amanda says

-“I’m dying anyways, why wait for my death in a so depressive way, when I can just stop existing again and not exactly die” Lullaby said

Amanda agrees. She gets on her knees and swipes her finger on the bloody floor. And chants:

Exorcizo hoc non ex sanguinibus exercitus sui, et in hoc mundo iterum

As Amanda chants Lullaby dies and immediately starts turning human once again.

[Asher looking for his brother]

Asher finds his brother thrown on the floor, naked and snoring. Looks at him and reliefs. He takes of his jacket and covers him.

[Amanda and the sheriff observing how the lullaby turns into Leah]

Leah starts recovering conscious

-“Leah!” the sheriff says hold her hand

-“dad? Where am I?”

-“here, with me, ok?”

-“am I in school?”

-“I’m going to check on Asher” Amanda said walking away

[Asher and Amanda]

-“Leah is back”

-“yeah? That’s nice” Asher said smiling –“I should give her a second with her dad”

-“yeah, there…kind of having a moment”

-“I supposed”

-“look, I want to say-”

Asher and Amanda say at the same time:

-“I’m sorry” Amanda says

-“thank you” Asher says

-“wait what?”

-“you helped us”

-“yeah, with the issue I created”

-“not necessarily”

-“are you defending me right now?” Amanda asked confused

-“it was Nick, you helped solve the issue, so thanks” Asher said

-“you know what…I am going to accept that” Amanda says smiling –“and just to clear, I had a crush on you, I don’t anymore”

-“right, you were going to get friend zoned anyway” Asher said walking away

-“excuse me?”

Asher sees Leah sitting up with sheriff jacket over her

-“Asher! Thank God I didn’t- -well it didn’t hurt you or did I do that to your face?”

-“what?” Asher touches his face and feels pain –“ohh you don’t have to worry that was…not your fault” Asher said with a smile

-“You won’t have to worry about the Lullaby anymore either” Amanda said walking closer-“it died”

-“it- -died?” Leah asked

-“don’t worry, I take it out before it died”

Leah sighs in relaxation

-“so…what about the werewolf?” Leah asks

-“you knew about it? You knew about everything” the sheriff asked


-“werewolf is long gone” Amanda said

-“so, everything back to normal?” Leah asked

-“Everything back to normal” Asher says smiling 

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