When a small town starts having to deal with death of teens, residential's of Crystal mount county start to feel dreadful at night. Leah believes that in her sleep she is reason of the deaths after finding out a mystical secret that she hides inside. That might scare here but at the same time satisfy her at some point of her life.


17. Leah’s POV

Chapter 16- Leah’s POV

I get to English class late because of my little look for Amanda Steel between 3rd and 4th period. Ms. Patty is the most demanding teacher in the school.

-“Late again Leah?” Ms. Patty said

-“I’m sorry, I really am, and this will be the last time” I said

-“if only I would win a dime every time a student says that” Ms. Patty said

I go to my seat and place my backpack on the floor and sit down. As I bend down to open my backpack I hear a terrifying voice talking slowly

-“Leah” the voice said

I lift my head and look around the class room, but everyone was writing whatever Ms. Patty was writing on the board. I shake my head a little. I take out my notebook from my backpack and start writing the class.

[45 minutes later]

The bell rings, releasing us finally from Ms. Patty’s class. I head to the cafeteria to find Asher sitting down eating. I walk up to him

-“what are you doing?” I asked him

-“…lunching…what are you doing?” he asked back with his mouth full of hamburger

-“*ugh* fine I am going to look for Amanda Steel myself, I have half an hour for it, and this school is not that big” I said then leaving

-“good luck” I hear Asher said again with his mouth full

I start looking and looking but nothing. I decide to look around the football field and for my surprise there she was with a few friends. I walk up to her.

-“Amanda Steel” I said

She turn around and looks at me and smiles

-“Lia, right?” she says

-“Leah, and we need to talk” I said

-“um ok, here I am” she said

-“in private” I said

She looks at her two friends

-“I will see you girls after 6th period” she said

-“sure” they said and walked away

-“what is your problem?” I asked her

-“excuse me?” she said

-“you know exactly what I am talking about, that night at the party in my room” I said

-“Maria, I…”

-“Leah! It’s Leah…and stop acting all princess charm” I said

Amanda swings her hair back

-“I know it was you that night, enough with the fake” I said

-“ok…you got me, now what?” she said

-“what did you do to me?” I asked again

-“Dahlia, cutie…I didn’t do anything, just scared you, I was trying out a new character that’s all, apparently I was a pretty good drama queen *laughs*” she said

-“no, no, you did something, you poked me then you sang a weird song or something” I said

Amanda just laughed

-“you really don’t know who I am, do you?”

Amanda asked

-“we have been together since first grade, that’s the most I know” Leah said

-“you don’t know me, maybe recognize me?” Amanda said

-“from my room that night and first grade” Leah said

-“we have known each other from way longer than just first grade Leah Waverly” Amanda said

Leah stands there confused

[Bell rings]

-“oh, sounds like lunch is over, better off getting back to class, don’t you think?” Amanda said walking away

-“wait, I’m not done with you” Leah screamed

-“but I am, forget it Leah, not another word is coming out of my mouth” she said walked away farther

I whined irritated and ran to class. I get to class and find a seat next to Asher, I sit down in silent with a mad face.

-“did…umm…did you find her?” Asher asked me

-“yes, yes I did” I answered

-“and…?” Asher said waiting for a response

I cover my face with both hands and scream

-“I guess it didn’t go well” I heard Asher say


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