When a small town starts having to deal with death of teens, residential's of Crystal mount county start to feel dreadful at night. Leah believes that in her sleep she is reason of the deaths after finding out a mystical secret that she hides inside. That might scare here but at the same time satisfy her at some point of her life.


15. I lied to your dad

Chapter 14- I lied to your dad

[Asher in interrogation room with right hand handcuffed to the table]

Asher keeps getting flashbacks of Leah’s face, special unit forces decapitated head and the dying special unit. Shakes his head, trying to forget but no use. The door then opens. It’s Sheriff Waverly

 -“Mr. Waverly I promise, I didn’t kill those men, mean…how?” Asher says nervously

-“Asher, Asher, calm down, I know you didn’t kill those men” Said Sheriff Waverly

Asher releases tense on his body.

-“but I would like to know what you and Leah were doing in the woods?” sheriff Waverly asked

-“Leah? You found her?” Asher asked

-“yeah, we found her, why wouldn’t we?” Sheriff asked

-“no, I am not saying that you wouldn’t just…” Asher tried talking

-“Asher, what were you and my daughter doing in the woods?”

-“we…we heard something in the woods and we went to go check it out” Ashe said with his head down

-“meaning that you were in my house at 3:30 in the morning, true statement?” Sherriff asked

-“yeah…I mean, I promise nothing happened, sir I promise me and your daughter, me and Leah, I mean Leah and me…we…we just friends” Asher started to get nervous

-“calm down Asher, you being in my house is not a felony” Sherriff said calming Asher down –“though it does boggle my mind what you two were doing, the case is about you two being in the woods” Sherriff said

-“we…we heard something” Asher said nervously

-“the funny thing about this Asher, *sheriff chuckles* Leah didn’t tell me that” Sheriff said getting serious –“and well lying about a statement is a felony” the sheriff said

-“I *clears throat* I um…Leah…Leah was sleepwalking and I followed her into the woods” Asher said

Sheriff Waverly stays in silent for a few seconds.

-“Leah said she didn’t know what she was doing in the woods, so even if the story is not true, it adds up, so I guess I am going to let you two go” sheriff said

-“ok…” Asher agreed

-“before anything, you wouldn’t know anything about why Leah was naked, right?” Sheriff said

-“no, not at all, I promise, I…never seen your daughter without clothes sheriff” Asher said

-“ok*sheriff unlocks the handcuffs* your free to go…home Asher, your home, I will have a patrol drop you off” Sheriff said

-“of course” Asher said agreeing 

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