Forbidden Love

Laura was a normal girl until Tiler walked into her life.

Copy write act of 1990 copy written in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania date of February 27, 2016


2. The Library

Chapter 2: The Library

As me and Hannah walked to our lockers I saw Tiler talking to Mr. Thomas he happen to be my Geometry teacher. But it was like Tiler wasn't even listening to him. His eyes were on my that whole time. As I was getting my books out for my Study Hall which really consist of the school papers for the newspaper. Hannah right now was walking around looking for someone to interview for the newspaper. As I walked the long way to the library since they made it into its very own building.  I could get lost a book and be here for hours just reading. Since the school turned into a public library I had to be extra careful and try not to make so much noise. As I picked my spot at one of the computers putting my stuff covering two so I could save Hannah a seat. That is when I though I heard Hannah walk in so I got up and walked maybe a few feet and right at one of the tables was Tiler. I know he does not have Study Hall with me and Hannah. Me and Hannah happen to have every class together and this is the first time I have ever seen him and any of my classes. But yet he has been in my classes for two months. Why am I just know starting to see him out of the blue. I can pick him out of crowd of people if I had to. I went to turn away but he already saw me standing there. "Hey there beautiful" "Tiler you have Study Hall with me?" "Yeah I have since I came to Windber" "Oh" "Hey actually I was wondering if you would like to finish the Chemistry assignment" "Tiler I would but I really have to get this school paper done for it to published tomorrow morning" "Okay maybe after school, here put your number in your phone so I can call you an set something up that will work for both of us." He handed me his phone I put Laura (Chem partner) with my number and then I took a nice picture of me for a contact photo. He walked away and I walked back to my computer but every now and then I would look up and see him staring at me. 10 minutes later I finally hear Hannah walk in "Hey" she whispered "Hey, did you get someone for the interview?" "Yes I did but I went and talked to Ms.Abel and asked her what all should we added and then she said pictures. So I went out and took pictures that is why it took me so log to get here sorry girly," "It's okay I mean I just put my number in Tiler's phone while you were out and about" "What?! He's n this class too?" "Yeah apparently he has been all of my classes since he moved here and yet this is he first time  ever heard that name Tiler McCoy in my life". "Okay Laura that is a little weird that a guy we just met has been seeing all this time and yet you never knew" "I know it is creepy". I looked up and saw Tiler was walking towards us. "Hey Laura can I talk to you about something in private" "Yeah sure" right before I left Hannah grabbed my arm "You be careful scream if he tries to hurt you" "I will" I whispered back to her. As I left she started typing out the paper. " Laura I need you to help me with something?" "Okay what is it Tiler?" "Okay so you are not going to believe this but I know you know that we just met and know you are seeing me and all your classes". What did he hear me and Hannah talking about him. Or does he read minds. "What do you read minds?" "Close but no". What close what so he does read minds. "Can I come by your place tonight and finish the questions since I know you don't want to fail since Chemistry is your lowest grade at the moment" "How did you kno-" "know that well Laura I've been watching for the past month I've been seeing how hard you struggle with Chemistry. I also know that you have been a high honor student for your whole life" How does he know all of this on me if we just met. "I also know you probably think of me of as a creep, but you listen to indie music am I correct" "Yes" "You play the Cello" "Yes" "Your dad left you and your mom and sister when you where 3 but then your mom remarried a few years back " "Tiler how do you know all of this stuff on me" "Like I told you beautiful I pay attention that and I do my research." By this time I as creeped out as I walked away he texted me "See you at 8 tonight beautiful ;)" . As I made my way back to Hannah she saw how creeped out I looked but didn't asked what happen.  As the bell rung for school to end and as me and Hannah walked back with the finished paper in hand. We walked back to Ms.Abel's room. We left it on her desk since she wasn't in her room. We rounded the comer to go to mine and Hannah's cars which have always been right next to one another. "Text me when  you get home girly" I beeped my horn at her in response yes. As I pulled out of the student parking lot I saw a motorcycle come out of nowhere and start to follow me. As I gave my car a little more gas hoping whoever this was that they would just go around me. But I was wrong they just followed me. As I turned into my drive way getting out and pulling out my keys and I walked in my house. My house isn't big but it's not small either. I mean my step-dad is kind of wealthy and it showed since all the renovations my parents did over the summer. My house an old Victorian style house. My room is on the other side of the house as every one else's so I get like my own part of the house to myself.

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