Reading with them Book 1

okay so I wanted to do something about someone from the future coming back to the present (like harry coming back to his third year at Hogwarts) and doing about harry reading the books etc so I kind of did both at the same time. You'll see how....


1. The meeting

It was a normal day and the DA were training harder than ever. It was the last meeting before Christmas. Everyone had already left and Harry and Cho were kissing under the mistletoe when suddenly "awwww!!!" 

"Shut up Ginny it was so good"

"Yeah but when we asked you all you said was 'wet'"

"Shut up Ron they noticed us"

Harry had in fact pulled away to see.........

"Excuse me but who are you?"

"Harry you can be so funny sometimes!"

"I still don't understand"

"let me make the introductions. But I suggest you get Ron, Hermione, and Ginny first." 

"Okay, but how am I supposed to do that without getting caught?"

"Oh how stupid of me! Here, take my invisibility cloak"

Harry took the cloak - which surprisingly looked identical to his- and went off to Griffindor Tower after making sure Cho was safe in her common room. He came back ten minutes later with Ron, Ginny and Hermione. The teenagers sat down and listened as the man spoke again "I am Harry James Potter. This is my girlfriend Ginevra Weasley and my two best friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger" The trio looked bewildered while Ginny simply blushed and looked anywhere but at Harry (both). The room of requirement was so silent you could have heard a pin drop. The older Ginny sat next to her younger self and talked to her in whispers. The younger Ron then asked the older Hermione "when did you get hot?" 

"Ever so tactful Ron." ~Hermione (O)

then Ron (O) when to sit next between Ron (Y) and Harry (Y) and whispered "the end of next year"

Then Hermione (O) reminded them that they had work to do. Harry (O) then pulled a small piece of parchment from his pocket and told the others to wait here while he and his younger self went to talk to prof. Dumbledore.


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