The Gems: Life Changing

Why? Why me? For once, I was happy. I felt like I had a real dad even if he wasn't mine. I felt what it was like to have a little sister. I felt what it was like to have my mother place a real smile on her face. I felt what it was like to have all my brothers together actually talking to one another and to me. I felt like I had a real family. But it was gone in an instant. Now I live in Beach City with Vidalia ( my use to be step dads sister ). It hurts when someone not related to you has to take you in instead of your own family. Any way, I won't be here for long. I'll be eighteen in one year. Then after that, I'm gone. That was the plan until I found a gem on the beach....


1. Beach City

I watch as we ran along the sandy beach in my step dads jeep.

" You know, this is yours," Vidalia said," it says so in his will."

" Yea," I felt tears forming in my eyes," do you miss him?"

She nodded her head sadly.

" I miss him too," I sniffled," and Maria and mom."

" I'm so sorry," She sighed," you've lost so much this pass month and all."

" Thank you for taking me in," I told her," I promise I'll follow all of your rules and give you the respect you deserve."

" Your so welcome," She turned her head for a sec to give me a quick smile," I had to. I couldn't leave you on the streets or in a god for saking orphanage."

Before I could say anything else, Vidalia pulled into a garage.

" Here is my home," She got out of the car," my son will get that for you. Sour Cream!"

A boy with bright blonde hair almost white with grey eyes came appeared behind me.

He already had my bags in his hands as if he was waiting for this.

" Hello," I smiled at him," my name is Ambre Starr. And I..."
He walked off without even letting me finish my sentence.

" Rude," I shook my head.

" Sorry about that," Vidalia apologized," he doesn't talk that much."

" I see," I noticed all the painting on her walls.

" So you've noticed my paintings?" A little light flashed in her eyes.

" Yes, who is this girl?" I asked.

The girl had strange purple colored hair and skin.

" Oh, that's just Amethyst," She explained," you know, the girl who's part of the Crystal Gems."

" Crystal Gems?" I raised an eyebrow," is that a band?"

" No," She shook her head," do you not know what the Crystal Gems are?"

" Nope," I felt embarrassed," should I know?"

" Well...." She tucked her hair bangs behind her ear.

Vidalia is about an inch higher than me with black eyes. She was wearing boots and overalls. I could a little purple paint of her white shirt under the overalls. Her pretty blonde hair was cut short. I would say she was in her late thirties.

She was cut short by a little boy grabbing onto her pants leg.

She leaned over, and he whispered something in her ear.

" Ok, I'll take care of it," She said," Onion, why don't you show Ambre around Beach City."

He nods his head as he took my hand.

He took nothing like his brother Sour Cream. And the only really thing to show that he was related to Vidalia was his black eyes. He must get his look from his father.

But then where do Sour Cream get his looks from?

I wonder...

Well, that doesn't really matter.



Beach City isn't as small as I thought it would be.

They have an arcade, good eating spots, and also a beach.

I've told anyone, but I love the beach.

No one ever sees me there because I usually would sneak out at night and go.

Yeah. Yea. I know that's dangerous, but so what?

I'm technically not doing anyone harm, and I never go out far enough for me to be swept away.

And speaking of the beach, I'm here now  watching Onion building a sand castle, destroying it, and then rebuilding it again.

He doesn't talk much like Sour Cream. At least they have that in common.

That's when something shiny in sand caught my eye.

Right above it was a foot connected to Onion coming down on it.

" Onion! No!" I yelled.

He froze.

I grabbed the shiny object.

It was a rock. My fingers fell on its surface. The beautiful green seemed so precious, it was nerve racking. It was a gem in a shape of a diamond. It's a jade.

I put it in my pocket and looked back at Onion who's expression is blank as always.

" Why don't we go back to the house?" I gave him a bright smile.

He just nodded his head as we raced back his house.




It was night time, and I apparently have a window.

I put on my bathing suit and climbed out the window hoping that Vidalia won't try to check on me while I'm gone.

I ran as fast as I could to the beach and froze at the waters edge.

Letting out all my frustration from over this pass month, I started to entering the salty waters.

First, feet in.

Something small seem to move in my heart.

Ankle deep.

The roar of the ocean seem to shush the screaming in my head.

Knee deep.

My tense body was loose causing me to sway every time the ocean hit me.

The water is up to my thighs.

Wind seem to swirl around me taking my bad thoughts away.

Water was at my breast.

The water lapped at my body trying to cleanse me of my horrible memories to create new ones.

Head under. 


Warmth fills my body.

Fear disappears.

Sadness slips away.

I'm not at Beach City.

I'm not at the beach.

I'm not even in the ocean.

I'm in my happy place.

I open my eyes.

The bottom of the ocean.


How long have I been here?

I don't need to breathe.

My peaceful thoughts seem to echo off of... of what?

Are they bouncing in my head?

Am I crazy?

My eyes should be burning.

Is this a dream?

So many questions... 

No answers.

That's when a girl appeared before me.

So beautiful.

" Lapis," She says.

I knew it had to be her name.

Her blue hair and skin is enchanting.

Amazing posture and figure.

Her eyes are as blue as the ocean we sit in now.

She seem to be in bondage.

" Let me help," I try to move, but couldn't.

" Steven. Find Steven." She says as she struggles," tell him..."

She was pulled into darkness. 

Another person appears.

" My turn!" She says.

She grabs me by my hair and shakes me.

" It's all his fault!" She screams in my face," it's all his...."

" No, you don't!" Lapis's voice rang out as the other girl who was in chains began to be dragged back.

" No!" She screams," I'm in charge now!"

She places her feet deep into the ground.

" Stop!" I screamed.

The ocean began to shake violently.

I have to get out of here.

I have to get out of........

I have to get out............

I have to get..................

I have to........................

I have............................




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