Annie's Experience

Annie went to a 5SOS concert, and went back stage and met Luke Hemmings! As soon as Luke saw Annie, he fell in LOVE with her! Luke thought she was very beautiful, and he liked her shirt, pants and shoes!!!! Tune into the first chapter of my story soon!!!! BTW Annie-19, Kiera-19, Diana-19. Also The band is Luke-19, Michael-20, Calum-20, Ashton-21. Michael and Kiera have kids. Also see who Annie has kids with!!!

This story has a series.


16. Day #4 Together Part #2

No one- Annie and Kiera left early in the morning to Annie's house to pack for the trip to Australia! They left the boys a note on the stand by the couch that said they will be back early tomorrow morning.


Ashton- When I woke up, Annie was gone. So I got worried, and I woke up the boys and then we saw a note on the stand by the couch and it read:

We will be back early tomorrow morning. We decided to go back home, visit, ad pack some sexy clothes for the trip to Australia. Luv Ya Boys!! ~Annie and Kiera~

Michael- Ash woke me up and said the girls weren't here, then we saw the note, and we were not scared anymore. We leave for Australia at 10:30 a.m. tomorrow morning, but they said they were coming back early tomorrow morning. Today the boys and I got our stuff ready to go and we just chilled out after. We finally went to sleep at 1 in the morning.

Calum and Luke- Ash woke both of us up and said the girls weren't here, but they left a note, we read it and we knew where they went so everything was fine again. We all got our stuff together and then we lounged around and went to sleep late.

Ashton- Today after we read the note we packed everything up, and lounged around and went to sleep. It was a really boring day. But tomorrow will be awesome, and I really miss Annie? I hope she is okay.



Hope you liked this chapter, it was just an overlook of what the boys did for the day. PLEASE LIK, FAVORITE, AND COMMENT IF YOU LIKE THE STORY!!! LUV YA'LL!!! BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEE PEEPS!!

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