Stay With Me

Its about a couple who is deeply in love. They spend every second of the day together. Until one thing changed everyone's lives forever. Especially Jack.


1. Stay With Me

Stay With Me

     There was a couple who was madly in love. Their names are Serena and Jack. Everyone told them they are just puppy love. Of course, yes they are young. Jack is 19 and Serena is 17. They loved each other so much and couldn’t stand to be away from each other. Every minute, every hour, every second of the day they were with each other.
     Jack and Serena were on their way to visit a friend who had just flown in from 16,000 miles away. They had been driving for almost 8 hours, both so tired. Serena turned on the radio to keep them awake. It was dark and pouring rain outside. While looking down at the radio, trying to change the station, Jack screams, “LOOK OUT!”
     Serena looks up and see’s only bright headlights coming their way. She tried to pull the steering wheel but it was too late. BANG! CRASH! BOOM! 
     Their car goes flying and spinning 50 feet down the road. After all the commotion, Jack looks up at Serena in great agony. She is bleeding from her head. Serena wasn’t moving at all. Jack starts crying as he tries to pull her out of the car. The truck driver gets out of his truck and darts over to their car.
     He tried to ask if everyone was alright but before he could, he saw the girl (Serena) laying in her own pool of blood with the boy (Jack) groping her. That’s when the truck driver calls the police.
     After waiting 7 minutes for the police to get there, Jack is pacing back and forth. The paramedic quickly gets Serena into a stretcher and they escort her in a helicopter to the hospital. The police are asking Jack and the driver multiple questions. The truck driver is being very cooperative while Jack can’t even sit still.
     Finally, the escort Jack to the hospital to see Serena. When he arrives, he is running around the hospital trying to find a doctor or someone who can help identify where Serena is. He then finds a doctor who has been operating on her for three hours. He tells Jack that she is breathing but is in a deep coma. They couldn’t do anything else to help her. Jack bursts out into tears and rushes into Serena’s room. 
     Jack ran into Serena’s parents who had been there for quite a while since they found out the news. Tears were dropping down everyone’s face. Serena’s mom starts yelling out of anger at Jack saying its all his fault. Jack is stunned and didn’t know what to say.
     Jack told her mom that it was raining and that they couldn’t see a thing until it was too late. When they all calmed down, Jack grabbed Serena’s had and just prayed for her to be okay.
     The doctor came in and told them that she only has about a week or two to live. Jack as well as her parents were speechless. All they could do now is pray. A few days go by and Jack hasn’t left the room. He spent day after day and night after night with her. Jack hasn’t showered in three days because he is scared that if he leaves, it will be the last time he will see her alive.
     The only noise he here’s is, “beep, beep, beep,” from the machines keeping her alive. Jack then starts to cry while laying next to her. 
     Jack starts whispering to her, “I'm so sorry this happened. I love you more than anything in the world. Don’t you leave me! Don’t you give up on me! We will get through this together. I don’t care what that doctor said, you will stay with me forever.”
     As he lays his head down on her, he hears a voice. 
     “J-Jack? I-is that ya-you?” 
  In complete surprise, Jack looks over at Serena as she speaks to him. “Yes, baby it’s me.”
     “Stay with me,” Serena muttered softly, “I-I lo-lo-love y……”
     The doctors came storming in there yelling at Jack to leave. They start toggling with wires and give Serena CPR. They then grab the defibrillator and start charging it as Jack watches from a distance. “CLEAR!” yelled the doctor as he smacked the defibrillator down onto Serena’s chest. 
     Again, the doctor tries to defibrillate her. Nothing is working. There’s no saving her. The doctor goes out to the waiting room to talk to Jack. Serena’s parents just walked in with a vase of flowers for Serena and some snacks for Jack.
     The doctor says, “I’m sorry to say but… Serena… She’s gone. She is in a better place now.”
     All everyone here’s is the vase Serena’s mother had just smash on the ground and a huge yelp and cry in agony come from her mother. Jack and Serena’s mother and Father break down.
     “Can we see her?” Serena’s father asked.
   The doctor brought them into the room where Serena has been laying peacefully under a white sheet. Her mother grabs the sheet and pulls it from over Serena’s head. Jack just ran out of the room completely broken down.
     A few days later, the memorial for Serena had been held. Over 300 people had showed up. Everyone walking past Jack and her parents said how sorry they were for their loss. It was tragic how she had to go. 17 years old.

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