Living A Life On Warped Tour ~ m.c.

So how would you feel if you were in a band and was able to play Warped Tour?! But, what if a band you hate plays? And they're constantly annoying?


1. Characters

There are a few characters in here so I thought I'd provide a small description for those.

Morticia Caligo Evans

Stage Name: The Mortician's Daughter

DoB: October 31st, 1996

Age: 19

Height: 5'0

Hair Colour: White with a black, horizontal streak from the left side (where her bangs are) to the back right side. 

Eye Colour: Are naturally Icy Blue but wears one 'Marilyn Manson' styled contact in her right eye on stage

Piercings: Dahlia Bites, Dimples, and Cheek Bones to form a 'Cheshire Smile' but alternates them sometimes. 

Tattoos: Anchor on Left Wrist, Four Leaf Clover on Left side of neck and on Right foot, Tri-Force from Zelda on top of Right hand, Pentagram from Black Butler on Palm of Right Hand, Skelton Hands going up sides of thighs, Love and Hate across Knuckles, Headphones with a life line forming a heart between the speakers around the neck, and A Sugar Skull on top of Left hand 

Role in band: Lead singer, Lead Guitar, and Violinist

Ivory Hedera Lee

Stage Name: The Mourner

DoB: May 3rd, 1994

Age: 19

Height: 5'6

Hair Colour: Blonde with Blue bangs and Red tips

Eye Colour: Green but sometimes wears Purple contacts like Jeffree Star

Piercings: Canine Bites, Septum, and Has right ear pierced four times on lobe, cartilage and Conch and has the left pierced three times on the lobe

Tattoos: A stitched heart on her neck, a zipper around both wrists that are 'opened' and shows gears, the Spider-man symbol on her left forearm and the Deadpool symbol on her right forearm

Role in Band: Bass Guitar

Jason Leon Fields

Stage Name: The Merciful 

DoB: December 15th, 1992

Age: 21

Height: 5'9

Hair Colour: Ink Black

Eye Colour: Hazel

Piercings: Dolphin Bites and Bridge of nose

Tattoos: 'Mama, We All Go To Hell' Up the left side of Ribs, 'Mama, We're All Full of Lies' Up right side of Ribs, The Watchmen symbol on ring finger knuckle, and 'C'est La Vie' Across left Wrist

Role in Band: Rhythm Guitar and Male Vocals

Arsenic Leah Thomas 

Stage Name: The Executioner 

DoB: June 10th, 1993

Age: 20

Height: 5'4

Hair Colour: Pink with Blue Bangs and Tips

Eye Colours: Her Left is Green and Left is Blue

Piercings: Snake Bites, Right Cheek bone and Left eyebrow piercing

Tattoos: Music notes that start at Right of neck, go down right arm and go down to Right Ankle, The Sempiternal sign on left hand, 'We're All Fifty Shades of Fucked Up' Across left Wrist and the Superman symbol on Left side of neck

Role in Band: Keyboard/Synthesiser

Samuel(Sammy) Lee Jones

Stage Name: Death

DoB: April 6th, 1991

Age: 22

Height: 6'0

Hair Colour: Blonde with Pink tips

Eye Colour: Stormy Grey

Piercings: Angel Bites and both sides of nose 

Tattoos: Rainbow Flag going up Left Arm, 'Nine in the Afternoon' across Stomach, Different Zodiac signs on stomach and Smiley Faces on both Knees

Role in Band: Drums

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