The witch and the demon

In the mysterious town of Gravity Falls, a teenage girl named Jelsa had been lied to all her life. Her parents had held the key to one of her greatest secrets, that would later unlock an even greater secret. Jelsa was a witch. Her parents had a reason to keep this secret. But what was it?
I do not own Gravity Falls or any of the characters except Jelsa. And Jelsa is not the shipping, it is a mixture of my name (Julia) and Elsa.


8. Jealous?

   "Why do you care anyway?" I muttered while we walked back to the arcade. He shrugged.
   "I have no clue. I guess I was just curious." He said, hovering over my shoulder. I sighed. This was already getting on my nerves! How am I supposed to deal with it for as long as he wants to stick around?! He's really annoying and likes to invade my personal life!
   When I passed the game store, Bill pulled on my arm. I looked inside. 'Why is he stopping me?' I thought. He pointed to a video game in the display window. 
  "That wanted it right?" He asked. I nodded. 
  "Yeah why?" I asked. He sat me down on a bench and everything went monochrome. He went into the store and took the game. 
  "Here. Now whenever you come into the mindscape you'll have it." He said while tucking it into his coat. I was dreadfully confused. 
  "Why are you doing this for me?" I asked. He sat next to me. 
  "I just don't want you to get bored when you come to the mindscape with me." He said while stretching. Now I'm completely lost. 
  "Wait, I'm still going to the mindscape..even after the deal?!" I asked. He nodded. 
  "Yeah, there are some things I need to get done that I can't do in your realm." He said. 'What does he have to do that he can't here?' I asked myself. 
  "Things your puny mind won't be able to comprehend." He said, his eye wide and swirling. 
   "Okay. Can we go back now? My friends'll get worried." I asked. He groaned and snapped his fingers. The color reappeared and I awoke with a jolt. 
   "Woah, Jelsa, you okay? We found you here,  passed out." It was Wendy. I nodded.
   "Yeah, just a little tired. And I had a nightmare." I said while rubbing my eyes. She smiled.
   "Okay." She said before running off with Tambry. I was alone. Again. With Bill. I got up and made my way to Hot Topic.
   "Where are we going?" He asked like a curious child. I ignored him and kept walking. 


    I walked in and saw Robbie looking at anime t-shirts. I had no idea he liked anime! I love anime! 
   "Hey Robbie!" I shouted while waving. He gave me a glance, then continued to browse. I sighed and walked up to him.
   "Oh great, here comes the living Misa." He complained. I wasn't really hurt though, otakus generally say that I remind them of Misa. 
  "I had no idea you liked anime." I said shyly. 
  "Not a lot of people do." He said.
  "And I would like to keep it that way." He whispered. 
  "What? I couldn't hear what you said." He groaned. 
  "You weren't supposed to. That's why I whispered it." He snapped. My lip quivered and I swallowed the lump in my throat. I blinked away the tears and walked away. Strangely, he followed me. 
   "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap at you like that." He apologized. 
  "It's fine." I stated meekly. He looked around then back at me, before looking to the side.
  "Do you wanna, go out or something." My heart exploded with joy. I brushed a piece of my hair behind my ear.
  "Yeah." I said. Then, I felt poking. Frantic poking.
  "Jelsa..." Bill said, sounding a little angry. I ignored him and walked out of Hot Topic with Robbie, our hands intertwined. 
  "Seriously kid. You shouldn't do this." Bill continued. I can't help but think that he only wants me to himself. '
   'Jealous?' I thought with a smirk.

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