Michael Clifford
-Heart throb
-band member
-heart throb
And worst of all...
-my next door neighbor


3. The new kid

I woke up and got ready,  I went downstairs and saw my mum "Bye mum" I said, I grabbed my skateboard and left, I saw Michael and his friends walk by, I waited till they were a little ahead of to leave, I guess it didn't really help giving them a head start cause I was behind them in a minute I just rode on the street till I was like a foot ahead then rode back on the side walk I looked back and Michael was staring "Take a picture, it'll last longer" I shouted since I was so far ahead "Why don't you take a time machine back to the eighty's cause that joke is so old" he shouted back and his friends all laughed "Well so is your mum but you still listen to her" I shouted back and looked forward, I heard all his friends laugh and I smiled to myself 

I got to school and rode down the hall to the cafeteria, "Would you like to keep that skateboard Ms. Brite?" a teacher asked me "Yes?" "Then keep it's wheels off the ground" I picked it up and waited till he was around the corner to ride again I saw my friend Ethan, "What's up Tony Hawk?" he asked chuckling "Not much" I shook my head and chuckled, we talked for a bit then the bell rang, "See ya" I said "Bye" he said, I rode halfway to class when I saw another teacher, I picked up my skateboard before she could say anything "Hello Dylan" she said "Hi Mrs. Small" I said and walked into class, I sat in the back and nobody sat by me so I put my feet on the chair next to me, one of the popular girls looked at me and laughed, she sat down next her friend, whispered something, they both looked at me again and laughed, "You got something to say, say it to my face" I said "Whatever" she said, then Michael came up and kissed her "You got a new one?" I asked "What do you mean new one?" he asked "I saw you kissing a blond one yesterday" I said "What?" the girl asked "Yeah, I swear it was like they were trying to eat each others face off" I said, the girl scoffed and slapped him "I guess we're done?" Michael asked "Yes!" the girl said "Thanks a lot Brite" he said sarcastically "You're so very welcome" I said faking a smile then the teacher came in "I had my head phone in sleeve so I put my hand to my ear and pretended to listen to her, it was about half way through class when a boy came into the class "Aw class, this must be our new student" she said walking up to him "You can take a seat next to..." she trailed off and looked around the room, I looked around to, "You can sit next to Dylan there in the back" she said pointing to me, I heard Michael laugh "Good Luck" I heard him say "Shut it Mikey" I heard one of his friends say, I took my feet off the chair, the kid walked over and sat down "Would you like to tell us about yourself?" the teacher asked "My name is Scott, I used to live California, but my dad left my mom and now I'm here" he said and sat down "Tell us more" the teacher said, he stood back up "I like bands?" he said "What's your favorite color?" the teacher asked "Black and Green" "How old are you?" "16" "Can you play any instruments?" "Bass" "You said something about bands, which ones?" a kid asked "Um, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Blink 182, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Sleeping with Sirens, Bring Me Horizon, All Time Low, Good Charlotte, Pierce the Veil, Fall Out Boy, Boys Like Girls, bands like that" he said "I don't know any of those" the kid said "Cause they aren't crappy pop bands like One Direction" I said "One Direction is awesome" the girl who slapped Michael said "Yeah, sure they are" Scott said he sat back down "Ever seen one of those bands in concert?" I asked him "I saw MCR before they... you know" "Yeah, you're lucky I wanted to see them but we didn't have enough money" I said "You like them?" he asked "I like every single band you said" "Cool" he smiled "Names Dylan" I said "You wanna hang out at lunch?" he asked "Sure" I said and smiled 

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