Michael Clifford
-Heart throb
-band member
-heart throb
And worst of all...
-my next door neighbor


2. Hot wings and breakups

I was listening to music in my room when my brother walked in, "Hey wanna play Fifa?" "Sure" I said one thing I should tell you is I really love my brother, he's always been there for me and we pick on each other a lot just like any brother and sister do but if I have to pick a favorite person in my life it would be him, his name is Daniel

Anyways, I got up from my bed and went to our backyard, it was night time but there's this street light by our house that lights up our entire yard, "Can I play my music?" I asked him closing the sliding door "Like you have to ask" he smiled, I laughed, he was the one who introduced me to all the bands I listen to so we have the same favorite bands, "Let me get my speaker" I said "Here" he said tossing my his little portable one that looked like a bomb, it had a face that looked mad on it "Thanks" I said hooking it up, I pressed shuffle and the first song to play was "Bullet Proof love" by Pierce the Veil, my brother sang along and kicked the ball, we were playing for about an hour when our mom called us inside, "Dinner must be ready" he said "No, I thought she wanted us to defuse a nuclear bomb" I said sarcastically "Ha-ha very funny" he light pushed me "Actually it's hilarious" I said sticking my tongue at him and he pushed me again "Ooh, it's hot wings" my brother said running to sit down "You look like a little kid who just got a piece of candy" my mom said, Daniel just shrugged and grabbed 2 hot wings "Don't stuff your mouth, you could choke" my mom said "Okay" he said with his mouth full "Don't do that" I said "Do what?" he said and a piece of chicken fell from his mouth "Can't you eat like a normal person?" I said "Normal's boring" he said wiping his mouth "Well I'd rather be normal than eat like a pig" I told him and grabbed two wings myself "Anyways how was school today?" my mom said sitting down "Boring" we said together "Anything new happen?" she asked again "There's supposed to be a new kid at school" I said "Boy or girl?" she asked "Don't know" "Well that's nice" she said "I guess" I said "I got a B on my test" my brother said proudly "That's good" my mom said happily "Which class?" I asked "Your mums" he shot "Hey!" my mom said pretending to give him a stern look "Sorry" he partly laughed "Which class?" I asked again "Math" "Nice" I said "Yeah" "Have you talked to that Michael boy recently?" my mom asked me "No, mom" "Why not?" "He's a jerk" "You two used to be best friends" "Before he became a jerk" "Him getting a girlfriend doesn't make him a jerk" she said "It does when he let's her say bad things about me, and ditches me for her" I said "Well-" she started "Can we just change the subject?" I interrupted "How are things going with your girlfriend?" my mom asked my brother "Um, we broke up" he said "What? What for?" I asked "I don't know, we just did" he shrugged "Did she break up with you?" "No" "You broke up with her?" "Yeah" "Why?" "We just didn't talk anymore, and it was a stupid relationship anyways" he shrugged again "So you don't care?" "No" "Okay then" I said 

After dinner we played video games, then I went to my room and fell asleep...

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