Heir to the Crown - l.h.

Willow Dalton, a castle maid has always admired Prince Luke. She looks up to his bravery and sacrifice. She has never gotten along with any of her co-workers, they are always trashing the kingdom. So when she comes face to face with the prince, who knows what will unfold?

Prince Luke Hemmings of Faye is anything but happy. With his parents forcing him to choose a princess to marry to secure an alliance and more uprisings in towns, he feels like the world around him is collapsing.

Cam these two polar opposites find a way to save the kingdom- and themselves?


1. Prologue

I had always admired him from afar, Prince Luke. He never seemed happy, no matter what the circumstances were. I suppose it was expected, he was tasked with learning how to rule a kingdom, something I would never dare dream of.

He was ever the gentleman, too. Even though I had no royal status, especially as a castle maid, he would always greet me in the hallways. He was quite dreamy, too. With his blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, he could melt any girl's heart.

And somehow, he chose mine.

If I had known of the consequences before all of this started, would I have still followed through? There is no good answer for that question, and even as I think of it still, I regret many things. In honesty, I would. The scale of good and bad was a hard one to weigh.

But Prince Luke Hemmings of Faye was most definitely not one of them. No matter what, I will never regret him, ever.

He saved my life, after all.

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