Love thieves

Izzy is on one side. She has Niall who she loves like a brother and two men fighting over her love.
Harry is on the other side. Will he fall for her when he finally gets her in his control.
Two rival spy groups. Two ancient family rivalries. What happens when these two sides clash?


8. Day 2

Harry's house

Harry's P.O.V.

Liam has seemed different lately. He has been really cold towards me. Whenever he sees me and Sophie together he freezes and balls his fists up. I don't know what his problem is but she is mine and thats all I care about.

"Harry time to get up." I hear a female voice say. I groan and roll over. "Otherwise I will have to get Louis to grab the bucket of ice we have prepared for you." She says. Suddenly I am wide awake and jump out the bed. They all burst out laughing.

"I am going to the bathroom." I say and walk out the room. I am definitely not a morning person. I walk into the bathroom and get in the shower. I let the hot water pour over me. Is Sophie lying to me? If she really loved me then why did she pull away last night. I try and push the thoughts to the back but they keep on coming forward. She was probably confused after the day she had yesterday. That was it. I climb out the shower and wrap a towel around my bottom half. I start doing my teeth and hum to myself.

"Where is the cat going through the microwave?" Louis shouts banging on the door. I roll my eyes and stop. "My mistake must be hearing things again." he shouts I hear footsteps going down the corridor. I walk out the bathroom and into my room. Sophie is sitting on the bed flicking through a magazine. She looks up and goes bright red.

"Um Harry could you..." She starts to say but finishes looking away.

"Do you want me to take it off?" I ask cheekily walking round behind her and wrapping my arms round her body.

"Harry your wet, go get changed I will be downstairs." She says pulling away from me and walking out the room. I grab some clothes sticking them on and walk down to the kitchen. Everyone is seated around the table eating breakfast. They mumble hellos to me and carry on eating. I grab a bowl and fill it. I start stuffing the cereal in my mouth.

"Whoa someones hungry." Louis says putting his bowl in the dishwasher. I finish and put mine for the wash. "Are you alright you seem very distant?" Louis asks putting his hand on my arm. I look into his eyes and can see that he is genuinely worried.

"Yeah just a bit tired and I can't wait till we can get away from this place." I say shrugging Louis off and turning my phone on. A text pings through from my dad, I open it and read it. 'Get your but and Sophie's down here now.' I sigh and turn it of. My dad is so uncaring it hurts. No wonder my mum left him. "We need to get going." I say herding everyone out the door.

"Hey I wasn't finished!" Sophie says still holding her bowl. I take it of her and tip it in the bin.

"Happy now?" I ask and drag her out the door. Liam and Louis are already in the car. She slides in and I follow. Liam starts the car and we are of.

"Where are we going?" Louis asks. I roll my eyes.

"Well were do we go almost every morning?" I ask him.

"McDonald's." Liam shouts.

"No we are going to work." I say smacking Liam lightly on the back of his head.

"We do go there every morning though." Liam says rubbing the back of his head. I give him a death stare and cuddle up to Sophie.

"Babe I am really sorry but I need to put this blindfold on you as my dad is going to be around when we arrive." I say pulling it out of my back pocket she sighs and crosses her arms. I tie it on and give her a kiss on the forehead. She smiles and leans into my chest. We stay like this for the rest of the journey.

"I'll carry Sophie." Liam says jumping out the car and opening her door. I scowl at him but don't argue. He should know that Sophie is mine. When I have him alone I am going to make it very clear. He takes Sophie in his arms and heads of towards the door. I growl and follow them. Louis puts a hand on my shoulder but I shrug it of.

"You took your time." My dad shouts as me when I walk through the doors. Hello to you to dad. "Bring her to room 14. You can wait outside if you want." My dad says walking down the corridor. Me and Louis follow behind Liam who is still carrying Sophie. We get to the room and we wait out side, a minute later Liam walks out.

"I f***ing hate your dad sometimes." He says sitting down next us. I mumble an agreement and go back to staring at the wall. We all fall silent waiting for my dad to be finished. I can't hear anything from inside the room as my dad chose the only one that has soundproofing.

-----3 hours later-----

We have been sitting here for ages. Louis went to grab us some lunch a while ago but only he has touched it. Its like waiting outside a hospital room, waiting for the doctor to tell you if they have died or not. I really hope Sophie comes out in a better state than yesterday otherwise our plan is never going to work.

"You can take her now." My dad says walking out the room and leaving the door open. He walks down the corridor and turns the corner we all sprint in. She is tied to a chair. There is no blood but I can tell she has had a bit of pain.

"What did he do to you? Are you hurt? Did you answer the questions?" Liam says we all start firing questions at her.

"Guys I'm fine he punched me a few times but overall I am alright now could someone untie me from this chair before I lose all the feeling in my hand." She says. I sigh and rush to help her. Liam unties her legs while I do her hands, Louis just stands there looking awkward.

"Right lets take you to Niall." I say helping her up. She is stiff from sitting down for so long. I can't be bothered to put a blindfold on. We reach the car and she climbs into the passenger seat. I drive, Louis and Liam are sitting in the back. "Do you want to call him so we can meet him somewhere?" I ask handing her my phone. She nods and dials his number.

"Hey Niall how are you?" She asks getting out the car so we can't hear her conversation. After a minute she climbs back in and straps the seat belt across her.

"So. Don't leave us hanging." Louis whines from the back. She passes my phone to me.

"He is going to be at my house in half an hour. So you need to get me there quickly." She says clapping her hands together.

"How long is it to your house?" I ask, she starts typing her address into the sat-nav. It comes up with 40 minutes. "We are never going to get there in time." I say pulling into the mid-day traffic.

"Anything is possible when you have Tommo in the car." Louis screams.

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