Love thieves

Izzy is on one side. She has Niall who she loves like a brother and two men fighting over her love.
Harry is on the other side. Will he fall for her when he finally gets her in his control.
Two rival spy groups. Two ancient family rivalries. What happens when these two sides clash?


17. Coming to get you

Back of the van

Sophie's P.O.V.

Why does my head hurt so bad. I open my eyes slowly and am met with darkness. Muffled voices come from behind a wall. My hands and feet are tied together. Why, how. Oh yeah, me and Liam kissed Harry got in the way. I ran of and ended up getting kidnapped by my own dad. Great, I am not going to be able to get out of this situation easily. The van stops and I am flung against the side. I am going to have a big bruise there tomorrow. The doors open and light streams in.

"Get her out." I hear my dad say. Brian appears and picks me up. I start squirming around trying to get out of his grip.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you. Don't want to get your daddy even more annoyed than he already is." Brian says in a baby voice, I stop and let him take me inside the building that I used to be head of. He carries me into one of the interrogation rooms. This is going to hurt.

"So what exactly happened between you and Mr. Styles?" My dad asks circling round the chair I am sitting on.

"Well he took me away and I managed to escape this morning." I say trying to look as innocent as possible.

"Really well the CCTV cameras in and around your and Niall's house don't suggest so." My dad says leaning closer to me. His breath reeks of cigarettes and alcohol. Like it always does. I don't know why my mum ever married this monster, he probably conned her into it like he does for everyone else.

"Have you ever thought about privacy?" I ask him, I can't believe he put cameras in our houses so he could spy on us.

"Answer the question." He spits and smacks my cheek. I hope someone gets here soon otherwise I am as good as dead.

Harry's P.O.V.

We have been waiting all day and so far have got no news on where Sophie is. I have barely eaten or done much else. Neither has Niall.

"Can we check the tracker now?" I ask, Niall wouldn't use it until it was evening.

"Yeah it looks like our only option now." He says pulling his phone out and opening the app. After a few minutes he has the answer. "Um no one is going to like this but she is with her dad." Niall says, I feel emotionless again. Luckily Liam steps up.

"Right guys go get in the car we are going to go and claim our girl back." Liam shouts everyone gets up. I am left on the sofa staring at the wall thinking about what possible things she could be going through. Someone walks back into the room and sits down next to me. "You alright mate." Its Liam.

"Yeah I'm fine." I say giving him a feeble attempt of a smile. "Look I'm really sorry about how I've been these last few days." I say.

"No its my fault. When I kissed her this morning she took ages to kiss me back and when I asked her to be my girlfriend she took ages to answer. She only said yes to me because she wanted to annoy you. There were no sparks." Liam says putting a hand on my leg.

"Thanks Liam, it means a lot. Well what are we waiting for. Lets go get her." I shout suddenly full of energy.

"I'm glad that Harry is back." Liam says following me out the door and into the car. I feel better than I have felt in years. Louis starts singing along and for once I'm not going to shut him up.

"Harry are you feeling alright usually you are the first one to shut me up." Louis says putting an arm round me.

"Yeah we have more important things to worry about then your singing." I say giving him a wink and turning to look out the window. I spot Louis pretending to faint out of the corner of my eye.

"Right so whats the plan when we get there?" Liam asks, Louis bounces back up again.

"Okay. Brian, Sophie's cousin doesn't have any security on his windows because he thinks that no one will be bothered to climb through the window. So we all go through there as he will be occupied with other things and won't be in his office. Me and Louis are going to cause a distraction in the furthest spot away from where Sophie is. Harry and Liam will then go and try to grab Sophie. We will then meet back in the car the first group back starts it up so we can pull away as soon as possible." Niall says. We all nod in agreement.

"Are we nearly there yet." Liam whines, Niall pulls onto the kerb and parks.

"Its down the road but we can't use the normal parking spaces as they won't recognize the car and will get suspicious." Niall says climbing out the car. We all follow him and stand in a huddle.

"Everyone know what they are doing?" I ask, we all nod as our throats are to dry to speak.

"Lets do this." Louis shouts, we all run of to go and get my girl back.


Almost the end just a few more chapters to do. I have started writing my next story and I am really pleased with it so far. I will try to be better at updating but some things are more important. Please continue liking and all that stuff.

Izzy xxx

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