Love thieves

Izzy is on one side. She has Niall who she loves like a brother and two men fighting over her love.
Harry is on the other side. Will he fall for her when he finally gets her in his control.
Two rival spy groups. Two ancient family rivalries. What happens when these two sides clash?


1. Planning

A secret base, South London.

Sophie's P.O.V.


"Sophie this has to go perfectly tonight. If it doesn't you know what happens don't you?" My dad asks me. Most 25 year olds don't have one of the most wanted people in the world as a dad. I do. Most 25 year olds don't have to worry about failing a job and getting kicked out of the family. I do. Most 25 year olds aren't planning to steal the most precious gem in the country tonight. I am.

"Yeah. I will get kicked out. I will have to live on the streets with no money and no one who loves me." I answer.

"Thats my girl. Do you have everything ready for tonight. I don't want any slip ups. We have to get it before the styles family and his sidekicks get there." My dad says

"Don't worry I have already taken care of them for tonight." I say smiling.

"You better have." My dad says glaring at me. I wipe the smile of my face. "What are you doing standing there. Go steal that thing. I am counting on you. We are counting on you." My dad shouts after me. I close the door to his office and sit down on a bench. I have to do this. I love doing what I do but there is so much pressure. This is my first job that I have done by myself. Usually I have a squad with me or someone to cover my back. If I fail this job then my cousin gets to be in charge. I can't let that happen.

"Hey. Thinking about tonight." Someone with an Irish accent says. It can only be Niall. He is my closest friend and is a bit like a brother to me. No one knows how he got into the business but everyone knows you can tell him anything and that secret isn't getting out.

"Heya. Yeah this has to go perfectly any mess ups and that dork Brian will get my position." I say he sits down beside me.

"Sophie. You are the best thief I know. You will get that position I know it." He says rapping his arm around me. I lean in for the hug and breath in his scent. He always knows how to make me feel better.

"What are you to love birds talking about?" Brian says, he is the last person I need to see

"For the last time we aren't in love. We are just good friends." I say standing up.

"Whatever. You better be careful tonight otherwise you know who will get to be boss. Thats right. Me." He says laughing.

"I really don't have time for your pathetic talk at the moment. I have a job to do." I say and walk past him brushing my shoulder against his, Niall follows in my wake. He is the worst cousin ever. We walk into my office and we collapse on the sofa.

"God he gets on my nerves. How many times do we have to tell him that we aren't together." Niall says. I know how annoyed he gets when Brian calls us a couple. Niall has his own girlfriend outside of the business. I am the only one who knows about her. One of the first rules is family only. Even though Niall isn't family he almost is.

"Yeah. Once I am head of this place we can tell him to clear of." I say.

"Your Dad would never hear it though. He loves Brian." Niall says sighing. My dad loves Brian like a son. My dad has always wanted a son so to have one girl is annoying for him. Brian is the next best thing.

"Yeah anyway I have to go." I say grabbing my jacket from my chair.

"Good luck. You don't need it. Just remember any sign of Styles and call me. He is dangerous and I don't want him hurting you in any way." Niall says giving me a hug.

"Thanks Nialler. Now lets go steal this thing!" I shout and run out the room to my car. I hear Niall cheering after me.

Secret base, North London

Harry's P.O.V.

"Louis do we have everything." I ask applying the last bit of my disguise.

"I think so." He answers sticking some bags in the car.

"Do you have some handcuffs or rope." Liam asks walking out of our base.

"Yeah I do. What would we need them for though?" Louis asks waving them around.

"Put them away. We will need them if we manage to catch Horan or the rest of the Rogers" I say rubbing my hands together. I hope we find Sophie. She is very hot and she cares about Niall so much she will do anything as long as he doesn't get hurt. "What are we waiting for lets get going." I say getting in shotgun. Louis turns the key in the hole but nothing starts.

"Uh, it isn't starting." Louis says trying again.

"Really well how about you try something else?" I shout in his ear. He and Liam jump out the car searching around for the problem. I sit there for ten minutes watching Louis and Liam run around the car like headless chickens.

"Um I think we have found the problem." Liam says opening my door. I get out and walk over to where Louis is standing I shove him out the way and bend down.

"We aren't going anywhere in the thing." I say kicking the car. Louis winces beside me. It is brand new and now has scratch marks down the side.

"We could go in my car. It is just down the road." Liam says. I sigh. I bet this has something to do with Sophie.

"Thats are best chance." I say and start running down the road. I hear Liam and Louis sprinting to catch up with me. I reach the car and get in. I check my watch and we are behind schedule by half an hour. We should be there by now. "Step on it." I shout as Liam pulls out into the traffic.



I hope you like the first chapter. If you haven't already go and check out my other movella 'Summer video'. Thanks.

Izzy xxx

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