Dear Little Foetus


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Dear little foetus,

Just stay inside

Don’t try to pop out,

The world’s a big rollercoaster ride.


Don’t kick too much

You won’t be a footballer,

Even if you like,

Most want you to be a scholar.


Do you smell that thing?

Yes, it’s the paint,

They don’t even know what colours you like

Well, it doesn’t matter, because it’s quaint.


Dear little foetus,

You’re expected to cry

The moment you come out,

Be ready to try.


The decorum from in there,

May look very serene,

But, oh boy (or girl), when you’re here,

You’d want to crawl back to where you’ve been.


People surround you,

To get you in their arms, they’re trying,

And the aunts, can’t they contain themselves,

From one lap to another, God, how annoying.


Dear little foetus,

When you grow up, like when you’re four,

Some will tease you, tell you you’re adopted,

Don’t worry about it, we’ve all seen that before.


So much magic, so many dreams,

Will soon hide under the tick-tock,

When you look at how your life, it seems,

Works, how many doors you’ll have to knock.


Emotions: warmth, love, sadness,

It overwhelms your being,

When your waning trust,

Curls too small to be seen.


Dear little foetus,

All you see is red right now,

Don’t expect too much,

I see that colour more often, don’t ask how.


It’s one big world for you, but no,

With two hands, two eyes, two ears, a big mouth,

We’ve scribbled down lines on this globe,

Separating you and I, we’ll ever meet, I doubt.


It looks like a puzzle,

It shouldn’t be a world of legos,

Which can break into little pieces,

But we love to act on unrevised thesis.


Dear little foetus,

Don’t you dare come out,

You think you need this,

But you deserve better, no doubt.


The attractive stories and tales,

Will lure you to go on further,

No one talks of the sadness and pains,

They protect you, why, don’t ask your mother.


If you enter this world,

It’s inevitable, I cannot lie,

Get ready to face this mess, good luck,

Hope you live the best before you die. 

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