Little British Girl...

- Decide where you belong -

In a world split into two zones, north and south live separately. The sole-superpower, America in the north, and every other country lives in the south. Trespassing is punishable by death.
When Elia, a British citizen, wakes up in the northern zone she is forced to trust local cop Daniel to keep her safe. With no memory of how Elia came to the north, and no recollection of why, she and Daniel decide to try and figure it all out. But along the way secrets are uncovered, allies are made, and Elia begins to play dangerous games, with tragic costs.


34. Chapter 34

A thousand questions flood into my mind all at once. Why hasn’t she gone back to the government yet? For how long has she been undercover? Does Daniel know? All the questions make me feel dizzy, and slightly nauseated, I slap the laptop screen down, unable to even bare the thought of looking at the file.

“Hey, watch it, that’s a delicate laptop.” Luci pokes her head around the door. When I don’t reply she get’s curious, taking a step inside the door. “You okay?” She checks. I take a deep breath, trying to steady myself. I lift up a shaking hand to point at the laptop, stuttering as I speak.

“I-it’s An-an...Annabeth.” I manage to get the words out.

“Oh, Is her file done decrypting? What’s the matter with it? Is there something there that might put her in danger?” Quite possibly, I can’t help but think, but my head shakes like crazy. Luci walks over to sit beside me, opening up the laptop to look at the screen. I watch her face as she reads the information, her mouth dropping to form an ‘o’ shape as she comes to terms with what she had read.

“I can’t believe it...she’s been part of the resistance for years- that insect!” Luci spits, getting angry at the end. I just continue to sit there, barely able to breathe, whilst she goes on and on about how much she trusted Annabeth, how much she respected her, and how much she thought she knew her. I can’t bare to listen, I shut off from the outside world, closing my eyes. I’m only half-aware of Max entering the room and discovering the file, too lost among my invisible sanctuary.

“Do you think Daniel knows that she’s-you know...rogue?” Max asks the one question I’ve being trying to ignore. Does Daniel know? Did he send me right into the hands of a double agent all those months ago? Has he secretly been helping her all this time? Were they eventually just going to hand me in? No. He saved me. He could have handed me in way back when I first woke up in the north, but he didn’t. Why go through all of this when he could have just done it back then? Daniel is one of the few people I still trust, I can’t lose faith in him too.

“Quite possibly.” Luci answers Max’s question, her response differing from my own, “It would make sense. Daniel’s a cop, and his family are very traditional in their values. Annabeth always told me how she was the ‘black sheep in the family’, how her parents were so ashamed of her for turning to the resistance, how much she was told to look up to Daniel as a child. If Annabeth is a double-agent, then her family probably got her into it, just like how they encouraged Daniel to become part of the police force.”

“But Daniel wouldn’t do that, he protected me from the government, he wouldn’t have sent me to a double-agent knowingly.” I argue, but all Luci does is sigh as though she pities me. I’m ninety percent sure she feels sorry for me, there’s some sort of emotion hiding inside those green and brown eyes.

“You only feel that way because you care for him. You’ve grown an emotional attachment that’s making you naive, and prohibiting you from seeing the truth...I’m not saying Daniel is with Annabeth for sure, but in my heart I think he is, love is the best cover.” I can’t really believe how careful and considerate she’s being around me, normally Luci speaks her mind without thinking about the emotional impact her words have on people, but right now she’s being gentle and caring. Her words do spark something inside me, memories of me and Daniel fill my mind. I’ve only just began to feel this way about him, could it be he’s just playing me? I think about the way he holds my hand and lets me lean on him, how I’ve always felt like I can talk to him about anything, the hug we shared when I came back to the north…

We’re a team, and teammates look out for eachother. I’m doing this not only because I know it’s the right thing to do, but because I know you’d do it for me.

Whatever it takes, I’ll do it.


The memory of the note he left me is never far from my mind. It was so long ago, and we barely knew each other...and yet he’d been so confident in our friendship. I can’t bring myself to believe that all those precious moments and gestures were just him trying to manipulate me.

“What do we do now?” I change the topic, putting the matter to rest for now.

“Well we can’t let Annabeth know we’re on to her,” Luci tells us, “If she figures it out then she’ll make her move and arrest us all. She obviously wants those blueprints to be kept with the government, so she’ll try to sabotage our mission. I vote we go ahead as planned, but keep an eye on her. When we’re at the hotel, someone has to be at her side at all times. Then us three get the blueprints and run, call Grace, then start up a new life somewhere away from all this mess.”

“ three?” I wince, hoping she’s simply made a mistake. Again, Luci sighs. She takes me hand in hers, she actually holds my hand. Luci. Holding hands with someone. I thought I’d never see the day…

“We can’t afford to take the risk. If there’s a one percent chance Daniel isn’t with us, then we have to leave him behind, treating it as though it were a one hundred percent chance.” She speaks slowly, trying to lessen the pain that comes with hearing what she is saying.

“I agree with Luci.” Max nods, “We have to be careful, if this proves anything it’s that you can’t trust anybody.” But I trust Daniel. I can’t bring myself to speak, so I just look down, removing myself from the conversation. To both my relief and horror, I hear the door open as Annabeth and Daniel arrive back from the shops. Luci quickly closes the file and shuts down her laptop, making sure our discovering remains hidden.

“Hello? Where are you all?” Annabeth calls out from the other room, opening the door seconds letter to reveal us all sat down on the floor, my eyes still staring at the floor. “Oh, there you are. What are you all doing in here?”

“Elia was feeling down again so we decided to sit with her.” Luci thinks on her feet faster than I ever could, standing up to leave, Max trailing behind her. I just sit here, unable to move, I think it might kill me to look Annabeth in the eye at a time like this.

I feel a sudden rush of warmth beside me, and in the corner of my eye I recognise Daniel sat down next to me. I shy away, burying my head in between my knees, but he doesn’t move away. Instead, I feel his arm over my shoulders, pulling me closer to him.

“Annabeth and I got all the stuff, we’re all set to go and steal those blueprints. Then we’ll call Grace and all this will be over, and maybe, just maybe, you and I could go away somewhere where all the drama over the resistance and your dad can’t bother us… we could start up a life together, you and I.” The idea of running away with Daniel and starting up a new life away from all this sounds like heaven, or at least it would have an hour ago, now confusion clouds my mind and I’m not sure how to react. Daniel runs his fingers through my hair, and I raise my head to look at him, I owe him that much. Looking into his kind blue eyes makes me feel all light inside, all it takes is less that one second of eye contact for calm to fill me. I feel safe in his arms.

I trust him.

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