Archer - The Girl Who Survives Alone
Archer was an ordinary teen, that was until one School Camping Trip...
Archer's original name was Emma. She nicknamed herself Archer after she began to do Archery. She taught herself, and no one knows about her doing Archery...


1. Horrible Dream On The Way To Camp

   Your P.O.V
"Dad! I'm gonna walk with Katie and Jaye to school! Bye!" I yelled. "Okay! Have fun camping!" Dad yelled back.
Today I was finally going to go on a camp! We were going to a place were no one visits in Australia. My whole class was coming! We were going to go camping for two whole months!
When we got to school I went straight to my locker and put my stuff away, luckily Katie and Jaye's lockers are right next to mine. We talked about wildlife and random things. We got A's in all our classes, BEST DAY EVER! When the bell for lunch rang, we were told to eat quickly. I finished my lunch within minutes, I ran to my locker and grabbed my bag, I also packed my phone, sketch book, and a bag of chocolates!
We left at 12:15, it was a 21 hour drive. The girls were on one bus, and the boys were on the other bus. I sat next to Katie, her soft humming making me tired. I drifted off into a deep sleep as the bus started to move... I dreamed of camping, then I saw my Dad's face, he was smiling. I laughed and hugged him as I ran off the bus. Then, everything started fading. In my dream, I started crying, I was grabbing the air. Storm clouds appeared suddenly above me, they rained and I could hear thunder booming in the distance.
I snapped awake, I was sweating like crazy, Jaye and Katie had been shaking me, trying to wake me up from this nightmare.

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