Stuck in a book

Her whole life is being told to never read a fiction book. The biggest lie her family had on her, plus never having friends the only one is her pets. Trying to see her this new life and can she get out. Of the books!


1. Non Fiction

Tomorrow is the day I’m going to be thirteen years old! This time I hope my dad will let me have this gift this year. I’m not going to ask my dad for a phone or something. It’s going to be a library card ! One of the most coolest thing in the world! My dad is let me say over protective. He won't let me read fiction books well anything that is not true. I know what you're thinking “ What, that’s weird, ok this girl is crazy”. Well I might sneak one once in awhile. But now that I’m going to be thirteen he might let me read a book.

Ok I know, I know! Why am I talking so much and you don’t even know my name. Willow Marrs Glinnder my dad Kyle Glinnder.  My mother Killeon but she died in a car accident when I was . Well let’s not get in the sad part so quick. I’m home in my room reading a animal Non Fiction book! They’re so boring !” ‘’ Hi I’m an author study animals, watch them eat, sleep, and live read this, I tell you things over and over again!” Blah Blah BLah!

Luckily after all the complaining my dad called me for dinner. I’m am starving after all that complaining. When I came down my dad looked mad like really mad! I wonder why he’s “ ah oh’’! He found the B-O-O-K!!” What is this, what is this! A Harry Potter book I told you over that you’re not allowed to read Fiction books!”

They rot your brain they give you bad ideas like think you can fly and jump off a building why ! I got up and ran as Fast as I could not looking back… It;s been 2 or 3 hours and I’m starving! Now I’m at war orr it’s my stomach. I’m dying so I ran down the hall down the stairs and past every room. To the fridge! I made three sandwiches one for me, me dog and my horse Angle. I called my dog Thomas over he’s a Golden Retriever. Me and went  near the barn and sat next to Angle. Angle is snowy white with one streak of blake on her tail. She was happy I gave her a carrot sandwich and Thomas a ham sandwich. We all ate our sandwiches.

It was getting dark so I went in my stall. Sometimes when I’m sad or bored I come here. I sat down and saw Thomas's blue eyes he came up and sat down next to me. I was tired so I laid down and fell asleep thinking of my birthday.

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