Star Trek X: The Mystique

As Raven hunts down the people that are still loyal to Trask she will encounter another mutant that is just like her while at the same time she will encounter someone that is more dangerous than Trask.


8. 8

Raven looked at Max with pleading expression and said, “Max, you don’t have...” Max suddenly shot a jet of frame from his mouth and Raven quickly grabbed the table next to her and used it as a shield till he stopped.  She threw the table to the side only that Max jumped over her and kicked her in the back and she fell forward.  She scrambled up only that Max jumped onto her back forcing her back down and his red tail wrapped around her neck and began choking her.  Max said, “Pathetic.  All that whining and complaining about your mutation and pitiful life and your solution is to fight us.” Raven then grabbed a piece of broken glass next to her and in one quick motion she cut off his tail sending blood spraying into the air as Max jumped back and made an ear splitting scream.  Raven immediately pulled the tail off her neck as she flipped in the air and kicked Max across the face before landing on her feet.  Max stumbled back as he still held the half of his remaining tail as he groaned loudly in pain.  Raven said, “That’s because people like you are always hunting me and treat me like an animal and would not just leave me alone.” Max shot flames from his mouth but Raven dodged the column of fire and ran to her right and continued running as the column of fire kept following her around the room till she grabbed a container, threw it and hit Max in the forehead making him stop as he cringed in pain.  She immediately jumped forward and kicked him in the chest as he yelped in pain and fell back.  He then fired a ball of fire at point blank but Raven flipped backwards and landed on her feet.  He fired another ball of fire but Raven dodged to her left behind a metal table as the ball of fire struck one of the assembly machines and caused an explosion.  


    Fire was ragging at the area where one of the assembly machines exploded and started to spread and Raven took cover behind one of the Sentinels.  Max walked trying to look for her when he said, “You think hiding is going to keep you away from me?” She breathed heavily but tried to keep quiet as he walked around and disappeared.  Suddenly the Sentinel she was hiding behind’s chest exploded from an impact of a ball of fire and she dodged away to her left as it fell back breaking away from its restraints and fell against the steel wall and fell on it’s sitting position leaving a large dent on the wall.  Max appeared where the Sentinel was and Raven was nowhere in site when suddenly she slid across the floor coming from behind and beneath him and kicked his left knee as she dislocated it and Max fell to his other knee and screamed in pain.  Raven rolled on her stomach as she looked at him and said, “Stings doesn’t it.” Max punches his left knee and relocates it before throwing his right foot at her face but she immediately rolled to her right and flipped in the air kicking him across the face.  Max swung what’s left of his tail at her and blood flew into the air and in her eyes as she threw her hands to block it only that Max charged and head butt her in the face sending her falling back but dropping her hands to catch her fall.  She whipped her nose and saw her own blood and she looked up at him and said, “I guess the rule of not hitting a woman does not apply to you.” Max smiled as he breathed heavily and said, “But I’m not hitting a human.” She flung the blood from her hand at his face but Max dodged her blood as she got up and tried to punch him only that he grabbed her by the throat, lifted her up and proceeded to choke her.  Max shook his head and made a short laugh and said, “Like I said, pathetic.” He then threw her against a series of handmade metal shelves and when she fell the lab equipment and various tools fell on top of her.  Max walked towards her and said, “You see?  You are weak.  A non-human, an ant that deserves to be squashed.  You and your fellow mutants have no place on this world nor any other.” Raven rose her head as she coughed and she rested her eyes on something that caught her attention when all of a sudden Max fired a fireball from his mouth that struck the table Raven is hiding behind and pinned her against the shelves and wall.  


    Raven moaned in pain as Max walked around when suddenly he saw Raven with a bow and an arrow pointed at him.  She immediately shot the arrow and it struck Max directly in the chest and he fell back onto the ground as he yelped in pain.  He yelled, “What the fu...” Raven was immediately got up and fired another arrow and shot him in the chest again and he screamed in pain as he grasped both arrows.  He struggled trying to pull the arrows out when Raven walked up and yanked both of them from his chest as he yelled in pain.  Max put a hand over his two wounds and saw blood was seeping through his hand and onto the floor as he tried to sit up and he screamed, “YOU BITCH!” He screamed in anger as he tried to punch her only to be kicked in the chest where his wounds are and he fell back screaming in pain.  He leapt at her as he screamed in anger again but dodged to the side, grabbed his right arm and snapped it as he howled in pain while she flipped over him with his head between her legs and she flipped him till he landed hard on his back.  He fired a jet of flame at her face and she jumped back as he leapt to his feet and immediately rotated his arm and relocated it as he cringed in pain.  He opened his mouth fired another jet of flames till Raven grabbed a piece of metal, threw it and it struck Max in the throat and the flames suddenly stopped as he grasped his throat as he gasped for air.  Raven immediately made a roundhouse kick in the face before immediately punching him in the chest making him stumbling back as he both gasped in pain from the wounds as blood kept running down from his chest.  Raven immediately ran and jumped over him but he immediately turned around in the process and threw his right fist only to be caught in Raven’s hand as she landed back on her feet.  He immediately threw his left and she caught it as well  and he tried either push or pull away but to no avail as he cringed in pain.  He then looked at her in a painful expression and said, “Who are you?” Raven replied grimly, “The Mystique.” She twisted her wrists and there were multiple snapping sounds as both Max’s wrists snapped.  He screamed in pain when all of a sudden Mystique flipped backwards and kicked him under his jaw and fell on his back knocked out as Mystique landed back on her feet while letting go of his fists.  She smiled down at him as he nodded awake and she transformed into Max when all of a sudden the same door Stryker exited opened and Stryker came running out and saw the wrecked hanger as he yelled, “Did you kill her yet?” He stood still in the walkway as he saw two Max’s both with the same wounds standing as they looked at each other and at Stryker in shock. 

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