Star Trek X: The Mystique

As Raven hunts down the people that are still loyal to Trask she will encounter another mutant that is just like her while at the same time she will encounter someone that is more dangerous than Trask.


10. 10

Stryker ran down a set of stairs from the room where he escaped from above and there was a lot of yelling and he ran into a security guard.  The guard yelled (over the commotion), “Sorry sir!” Stryker grabbed the guard on the shoulder and yanked him to where he faced Stryker and Stryker yelled, “Gather as many security personnel you can find and tell them to wear the negative shields and capture Mystique!  I want her alive!” The guard replied, “Yes sir!” He pulled out his radio and started talking as Stryker ran down the hallway shoving through scientists and various personnel that are escaping till he kicked open a broken door that said, “SUBJECT ONE” When he entered he saw a frozen young boy with one blue and one green eye sitting in a wheel chair in a glass box surrounded by three scientists as they rigged the box onto a flat bed wheeled cart.  Stryker said, “What’s the subject’s status?” A female scientist said, “Stable sir, but I recommend we move him out...” The room exploded and Stryker was thrown back and out of the room hitting the wall outside.  When he got up he saw the lab was covered with various debris and he ran inside to see one scientist speared with a metal beam while another is buried beneath debris but a river of blood ran out with only the female scientist standing up next to the container and Stryker ran up to it and looked around to see it was still completely intact to his amazement.  Stryker grabbed the female scientist by the arm and he yelled, “We are locating to site B at once!” A dozen technicians and emergency crews came in and Stryker directed them to the container and they began wheeling it out.


    A security guard covered with silt appeared from the door as smoke poured into the hallway and two other guards came up to him and guided him away.  He waved his hand at them and pulled from their grasp and he said, “I’m fine, that Mystique is still in the hanger!” The two security guards looked shocked and they looked back at where the guard came from and the same guard walked away as his eyes flickered yellow and blended in with other scientists and facility personnel as he exited the hallway and entered what appeared to be a common room.  The ground rocked by another explosion and the lights in the large room went out as the bulbs popped and the emergency light came on as many people either screamed or yelled in fright.  Mystique (looking like the security guard) reached the entrance as it was jammed pack with people trying to get out and once she was out she looked around to see many vehicles leaving while people either gathered outside or tried to jump on any truck that is not full and she heard a guard next to him yell, “Get the fire department, the fires are going out of control!” There was a sound of an approaching helicopter and the Mystique looked up to see a CH-47 landing its rear wheels and ramp on a large platform on top of the building behind.  She then saw Stryker, two scientists and a block of ice with someone frozen inside carted up with six soldiers flanking it walking towards the helicopter and boarded it with only Stryker staying behind and looking around.  Mystique looked angered and was about to yell but stopped herself as Stryker turned around and entered the helicopter as the ramp closed behind him.  Mystique watched as the helicopter flew away into the night with only its rotor and running lights visible and the guard looked grim before she heard someone yell, “Hey you!  Stop looking like an idiot and get these people out of here!” She turned and saw it was the guard she transformed into and she looked depressed while the guard looked at her in shock.  Mystique said, “You got to be kidding me.” The guard pulled out his side arm and pointed it at Mystique and he said, “Put your hands up n...!” Suddenly Toad landed directly on top of him and squatted as there was an audible bone crushing sound.  Mystique looked at Toad and at the dead guard in shock as she transformed back into her blue form unintentionally.  Toad smiled up at her and said, “This is a lot of fun.” Someone nearby yelled, “Intruders!” Toad looked behind Mystique as she looked back as well as a guard already drew his rifle and pointed it at Mystique.  Suddenly Toad’s tongue flew right by Mystique’s face, grabbed the rifle from the guard’s hands, yanked it from his grasp and swung it hitting the butt of the rifle across his face knocking him out before dropping the rifle and pulling back his tongue.  Mystique looked in shock and pulled her head back as both times the tongue flew by her face.  She looked back at Toad with a disgusted expression and said, “That’s disgusting!  Don’t ever use your tongue close to me again!” Toad replied sarcastically, “Sorry, I wasn’t think about your pretty little face.” Mystique shook her disgusted and they both saw more guards and SWAT geared soldiers approaching and Toad grabbed Mystique as she first resisted in surprise and he said, “Hold your breath.” And in one jump Toad leapt into the night sky and out of the wrecked facility.


    Toad landed on the ground hard with a blue van next to them as they looked back to see the facility in the distance with multiple fire trucks and police vehicles approaching it.  Toad said, “It looks like that facility will be shut down permanently.” Mystique was trying to catch her breath and glared at him and she said, “What, have you, done?” Toad replied, “I found where their security keeps their weapons and I rigged it to blow, but I expected it will be small and that they did not have a hidden weapons storage room behind it.  From there you can guess what happened next.” Mystique said, “Well obviously.  Lets go, I have to find out where Stryker is going next.” They entered the van and drove off back to Roswell.  As Toad drove he said, “So what was Stryker cooking up in there?” Mystique replied, “He was trying to create an army of mutants like me both for the government and trying to infiltrate any group of mutants and kill them from within.” Toad made a short laugh and said, “Non mutants, do they have anything else better to do than trying to kill us.  So what are you going to do with Stryker?” Mystique laid back in her seat and said, “Just drive to the airport.” Toad looked over and saw she was trying to sleep and he shook his head as he rolled his eyes.

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