Mountain Heights


1. Mountain Heights

The cold winds blow in the mountain heights,

Where the trees do not reach and the birds fly high.

The air is thin up there in the sky,

Which is why you won’t find joggers up there that high.

It’s cold up where the clouds live,

Next to the sun and neighbours to the moon.

They don’t talk to the trees, those big lumps of rock,

They’re too high up to hear them talk.

They don’t like lightning, it hurts when they strike.

But they talk to the thunder, they’re very polite.

They like to laugh, but it scares people away,

And it tickles when snow falls down the mountains face.

They don’t like the cold, it makes them ill,

And their sneezes make snow fall down the giant hill.

So next time you climb up a mountain so high,

That you can’t see the trees, but can touch the sky,

Remember it’s fragile, remember it’s scared, it just wants a friend, how about you over there.

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