Not The Only Dragonborn

What if there were five dragonborn instead of just one?


1. Unbound

Characters: Storm Wolf (Dunmer), Man, Warrior. Azwelxyn (Altmer), Man, Wizard.

Majhl-Bol (Kahjiit), Man, Sneak Thief. Jhol-Nik (Kahjiit), Man, Fisticuff Warrior. Erona (Bosmer), Woman, Sneak Thief  Archer.

Chapter One:


Storm Wolf’s POV


    My day had been going fantastic until the dragon showed up. Actually, that’s a lie, let me start from the beginning.

    I was walking in northern Cyrodiil heading towards Skyrim, the trip had so far been rather uneventful aside from the occasional wolf attack but wolves were easy to kill. When I had finally reached the border between Cyrodiil and Skyrim, I decided to make camp as it was late evening. I went to bed about an hour after I had set everything up.

    I woke sometime later in the night to rustling in the bushes nearby. Thinking it was probably a wolf, I picked up my greatsword, leaving my armor behind, and crept towards the bushes. I peeked through them and saw a group of twenty legionaries fighting about five men and a woman dressed in blue armor. I was about to join in the fight when I heard movement behind me and everything went black.



Still Storm Wolf’s POV


    I woke at about midday in a cart with three other people, two blonde nords (one with a gag), and a redhead nord. The blonde who wasn’t gagged looked at me and said, “Good, you're finally awake, My name is Ralof.” I replied “Nice to meet you Ralof, I’m Storm Wolf you can just call me Storm.” He said “Nice to meet you to although I doubt we’ll enjoy the pleasure of eachother’s company for very long.” Puzzled at what he meant I asked “How did I get here?” He looked at me with a grim face and said “They caught you trying to cross the border. You walked right into that Imperial ambush, same as us, and that horse thief over there.” He gestured with his head at the redhead. The redhead looked at him “Damn you rebels, I would have been halfway to hammerfell if not for you,” he said. Ralof replied “We’re all brothers in bonds now.” They continued on talking but I wasn’t listening, I was thinking about how quickly I could escape. I would have to choke the driver with my bonds and then…. I stopped my train of thought as we approached a small town filled with Legion soldiers. Ralof looked at me and said “We’re in Helgen now.” with a depressed look on his face. I was about to ask him why he was so depressed when we arrived at our destination and I saw why.

    There was a headsman sitting next to a chopping block sharpening his axe. My mind immediately went into overdrive trying to think of a way out of this situation but nothing seemed likely to work. Ralof stood up then and looked at me sadly, “Let’s not keep the gods waiting.” I got up and walked off the cart with him and waited behind the redhead and gagged nord. An Imperial captain and soldier stood facing us. The soldier read from a list in his hands, Ulfric Stormcloak, Jarl of Windhelm (the gagged nord) the jarl grunted and walked towards the other prisoners. The soldier then read, Lokir of Rorikstead. The nord yelled “I’m not with them, you can’t do this to me.” and ran passed the soldier. The captain yelled “Archers,” and the nord was quickly hit with two arrows.

    The captain turned to Ralof and I and asked, “Anyone else feel like running?” When neither I nor Ralof made a move the soldier went back to his list and read, Ralof of Riverwood. Ralof said nothing and walked over to Ulfric.

    Finally, it was just me, rather than read my name from the list the soldier looked at me confused and asked, “Who, are you?” I decided that the truth couldn’t really hurt at this point and said, “Storm Wolf of Blacklight.” The soldier nodded and looked at his captain asking, “ What should we do with him captain he’s not on the list?” I allowed myself a brief moment of hope until the captain replied, “Forget the list he goes to the block.” The soldier looked at me sadly and said “We’ll make sure your remains are sent to Morrowind.” I wanted to protest but instead walked over to Ralof and stood quietly.

    I noticed a few other prisoners that weren’t wearing the rebels’ blue armor. There were four of them two kahjiit men, a bosmer woman, and an altmer man (which shocked me as I thought all altmer were with the Legion). They were standing a few feet away and were bound as well. A priest began to say something about “...commend your souls to Aetherius…” but I wasn’t listening. One of the rebels walked over to the chopping block and basically told her to shut up. He knelt down at the block and I looked away as the headsman brought his axe down on the man’s neck.

    The captain pushed his body over and the looked at me and the rest of the prisoners. She zeroed in on me and barked, “Next, the dark elf.” Ralof gave me a look of sympathy and then turned away. In the distance something roared and everyone looked towards where it came from. After a few seconds the captain turned back towards me and yelled, “I said, next prisoner!” I walked towards the block with my chin up and eyes forward, and kneeled down. The headsman raised his axe and I closed my eyes.


Majhol-Bol’s POV


    If anyone had asked me how my day had been going on any other day, I would have told them fantastic. However, this was the one time in a long time that I was having an absolutely horrible day. The only reason I was in Helgen at all was because an nobleman staying at an inn in Riverwood had caught me trying to steal his necklace after the invisibility potion I was using wore off. I made a mental note to assassinate the alchemist that had told me it was going to last an hour. Anyway the noble completely overreacted and called the guards on me. Next thing I knew I was surrounded and being led to a cart of three other prisoners, another khajiit, a bosmer woman, and an altmer. Anyways after about an hour of traveling, waiting for my “name” to be read off a list, and standing around watching a guy get his head lopped off (I would have laughed if the soldiers weren’t going to attempt to do the same to me). We finally got to the interesting part.

    A dunmer that wasn’t wearing stormcloak armor was called to the chopping block. I hadn’t ever seen the man but I also didn’t want to see him die for no reason. I began to formulate a plan when I heard something roaring in the distance. I stared in the general direction of the roar for a few seconds before the captain barked at the dunmer to step forward. The man walked proudly forward and knelt at the block. He closed his eyes as the headsman raised his axe. I was about to leap foward to distract the headsman but stopped as I saw a black dragon speed across the sky. I was awe-struck, no one had seen a dragon in centuries. It landed on a tower in front of me with a resounding crash before letting loose an earsplitting roar. The dragon let loose another sound and everyone was knocked off of their feet as it began to rain meteorites.


Storm Wolf’s POV


Almost as soon as I had closed my eyes, there was an earsplitting crash and roar before I was knocked over. I opened my eyes to see the headsman’s dead body on the ground beside me. I slowly stood up as a dark mass rose from the tower in front of me and began circling the town breathing fire. I looked over at a tower to my left to see Ralof beckoning for me to come into the tower with him. As I got inside I saw that the some of the other prisoners were there including, the men and woman not in rebel armor and the jarl.The jarl was talking to Ralof but I couldn’t hear them over the ringing in my ears. I began to walk towards the stairs but stopped when I saw a dragon (I realized then that it was probably what I had seen earlier) shove it’s head through the upper tower wall and roast the soldier in front of it before flying away.

I walked over to the hole with Ralof at my side. There was a house with a large hole in it’s roof directly across from us. Ralof told me to jump into through the hole into the house. I seriously doubted the floor was very sound at this point, but Ralof seemed to think it was a good idea. Putting my faith in him, I lept through the hole, and fell towards the house.


Jhol-Nik’s POV


    So getting kidnapped wasn’t really my plan for the day, but I guess that’s what happens when you try to free prisoners. It was my fault to begin with but I don’t think someone should be arrested because their a bosmer trying to come to Skyrim. The guards however, didn’t share my opinion and threw me in the cart with the rest of the prisoners. The whole execution thing was rather boring until the dragon landed on the tower.

At this point, I followed the dark elf that was about to be executed into a nearby tower. After the dragon shoved his head through the wall then flew off, one of the nords told the dark elf to jump through the hole. After he landed successfully in the nearby house, the nord beckoned for me to follow. I looked around to see that the bosmer woman I tried to free and the other kahjiit were close behind.

I took a deep breath and jumped through the hole. I landed and rolled (which was kind of awkward with my hands bound) and stood up to find the dark elf still there waiting for the rest of the prisoners. The bosmer woman jumped next, followed by the kahjiit. The nord in the tower told us to continue on and he would meet up with us later. The dark elf shrugged and led the way as we exited the house. As we walked out we saw the dragon land on the ground we hid behind what remained of a house with to an imperial soldier and two other imperials.

    After the dragon flew off the soldier took a chance to look at us and seemed to recognize the dark elf. He looked at the dunmer and said, “You're still alive, Storm Wolf? You’d better stick with me if you want to stay that way.” Storm Wolf nodded and followed him towards the keep. Deciding it would be in my best interest to get to safety I followed the soldier as well, the others were close behind me. On the way, we saw the nord from before running towards us, he and the soldier were shouting at eachother but I couldn’t make it out over the dragon roaring and burning the town down. The soldier and nord went their separate ways, torn between which one to go with I made a quick decision and followed the soldier into the keep with the others.


Erona’s POV


    So apparently it’s against the law to come into Skyrim if you don’t have papers that say you can. Or, that’s what the imperial soldiers that found me said. And then there was that kahjiit that tried to free me from the cart. Definitely not how I wanted to spend my Middas morning, but you know, that’s what happens when soldiers are given too much control. So anyway, watching that rebel get decapitated, really didn’t liven my day. And then a dragon starts attacking the town. So my day was going about as bad as possible without me dying. After following the dark elf (whose name turned out to be Storm Wolf) through most of the burning town we finally reached the keep.

    Once inside, the imperial soldier cut all of our bindings off, allowing me full movement to search for my gear. I found a chest with my fur armor and hunting bow. After putting on my armor I looked around and saw the others had gotten their gear as well. The dark elf had a steel greatsword but no armor, the high elf was wearing some fancy robes and a strange blue mask so I figured he was a mage, one of the khajiits was wearing gilded elven armor and had two daggers strapped to his belt, and the other kahjiit was wearing steel armor but strangely had no weapons.

I walked over to the others to introduce myself. “Hello, I’m Erona, pleased to meet you all.” The dark elf nodded and said “As you already heard I’m Storm Wolf.” The kahjiit wearing elven armor spoke up next, “I’m Majhl-Bol leader of the Thieves’ Guild and Listener for the Dark Brotherhood.” Not exactly the best first impression but I didn’t really have any room to talk.    

The high elf introduced himself next, “Azwelxyn,” he said, “Archmage at the College of Winterhold and Thalmor public enemy number one.” I looked at him completely befuddled because he was an altmer, he should have been with the Thalmor. He guessed the look on my face correctly and said, “It’s a long story, I’ll tell you if we all make it out of here alive.”

The kahjiit in steel armor spoke up, “I’m Jhol-Nik, Harbinger of the Companions.” The dark elf looked at him and said, “I noticed you don’t have any weapons, where are they?” Jhol-Nik grinned and held up his fists stating, “These are my weapons, countless slain foes would agree that these suffice quite nicely.” The soldier started talking now, “My name is Hadvar, I’m a soldier in the imperial legion.” Azwelxyn gave him a withering glare “No, I couldn’t tell,” he said, his voice dripping with sarcasm. We all looked at him puzzled but he just shrugged and walked further into the keep.


Azwelxyn’s POV


So the Thalmor hadn’t changed the capture or kill order for me to kill on sight. That wasn’t much of a comfort because I was still being carted off to my execution, as my fellow altmer decided to repeatedly remind me. In all honesty I could have escaped at any point, simply burn off my bindings then cast an invisibility spell and just walk away before it wore off. However, I was curious as to what they were going to do to me. When I saw the headsman I almost laughed, I could have hit him with a lightning bolt even with my hands bound. When the dragon attacked though, I immediately began to sing a different tune as I realized the mistake I had made. After all, didn’t they say that curiosity had killed the cat?

I followed some of the other prisoners through Helgen and into the keep. After I introduced myself and almost bit the legionnaire's head off I lead the way through the keep until the passage became blocked by falling rubble, halting our progress. The imperial pushed past me and opened a side door mumbling something about a supply room. I walked in and immediately noticed two stormcloak soldiers. I quickly put one down with a lightning and was about to get the next when two arrows thudded into his torso and he fell and lay still. I looked over to see Erona holding her bow another arrow already nocked. I nodded in her direction and continued on.

After about five minutes of walking we found a torture room. Two imperials were fighting two stormcloaks. I stood back and threw a fireball into the room, killing all four soldiers. Hadvar looked at me furiously. Storm Wolf immediately stepped in between us and said, “How about I take the lead?” Hadvar nodded and I just shrugged. I had a hunch that he was just feeling like a deadweight and wanted to be first into the fight. He lead the way further into the keep we ended up finding stormcloaks aplenty to kill. I instantly saw why Storm Wolf wanted to lead into battle. He killed most of the stormcloaks within the first ten seconds leaving us to mop up the few remaining soldiers. He lead on through some caves where we killed several frostbite spiders and a cave bear.

I finally saw daylight at the end of the cave and began to get very excited. I stepped outside and took a breath of fresh air. I looked up at the sky just in time to see the dragon fly past and quickly fade out of view as it went around a mountain. Storm Wolf looked around at us and asked “Now what?”

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