The Love Of A Killer

Angel von Diamond, was once a human, but when she fell in love with a vampire. Her love killed her just to get her blood, and now she has awaked as a vampire to kill the one she loved.

Can she finde what she has lost?


5. The Year 2015

Melody woke me, she smiled to me. ‘’You promised that I can go to school from today.’’ I sat up and looked at her, in the last year I had found a noble vampire for Melody so she could drink the blood. All just to make her happy,  all she wanted was to go to school. ‘’I know,  but I am going with you. I don't trust the humans.‘’ Melody just smiled at me, and looked me in the eyes. ‘’I will be fine.‘’ I nodded and took her hand in mine. ‘’Promise me that you will be careful, and will go home right after school. ‘’ Melody smiled and nodded as an answer.

Melody left for school, I was left alone in the house. This year I will be 1600 years old, I sad down and looked down on the ring. I have killed even more from that time to now. What have I become after all this time that has passed? I can't stay here, I need some air and the sun to warm me up. I took a set of new clothes on and walked out of the house we lived in here in Spain.

The sounds maked me feel comfortable, the smell of dirt and blood was in the air. I am hungry, I need food right now. I walked down a small street and saw a man standing in the door opening to a brothel. I walked over to him, he looked at me and smiled after a while. ‘’Girl do you need a job? ‘’ I smiled sweetly to him. ‘’I do, but only once at week. Do you understand.’’ my eyes are red and the man nodded without saying anything. He is now under my control, this is a power that only few vampire's have, and I am one of them. Now this brothel will send me food when I need it.

I walked back to the main street, but now the air was filled with the smell of blood from a vampire. I looked around and saw a man in a long jacket, the smell came from him, not his body but from his hands. The smell of a newly killed vampire. The sweet blood of a vampire.

I walked over to him, I was smiling sweetly to him. ‘’Can I help you? You look a little lost to me.’’ he saw me in the eyes and said: ‘’I need to find the church of Maria.’’ I smiled,  this person are not a vampire or is he a normal human. ‘’The church are a bit longer down the road and then to the left, can I ask your name?’’ he smiled over that he was near the church, and said his name to me. ‘’my name are Joe Hart.  What are yours? ‘’ I walked a bit away from him. ‘’Angel von Diamond are my name, if you ever need help when you can try to find me.’’ I turned around and said before disappearing: ‘’I would not go around in this city smelling like a newly killed vampire, just a little tip from a vampire that can kill you like it was nothing.”

That was the first meeting with a vampire hunter, and it wasn't the last meeting.


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