Let You Know

Jang, Young Eun was a classmate of Jung Kook from Bangtan Boys, She was an upperclassman, she was usually the rough girl around, she used to beat up everyone around. When, Jung Kook returns to his school to say goodbye to his adolescence, he meets Young Eun again, in which she has witness, one of the member, Jimin kiss a mysterious Girl. Young Eun, has been crushing on Jimin since she saw him,she is heartbroken, but Jung Kook decides to help her get with Jimin. Young Eun is confused at first in why is he helping her since she cut off all contact with him when a mistake of Jeong Guk led them to separate and go their ways. Both Jung Kook and Young Eun set out to try to destroy Jimin's new love life but then are soon cut off when Jung Kook starts to notice feelings that are strange to him.Will Jimin starts to notice Young Eun more or will Young Eun realize that her feelings towards Jung Kook were always mutual towards each other.

The author has rated this movella as red, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 16.
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