American Idol Farwell Season Dalton Rapattoni love story

Tristan Brown has always wanted to Audition for American Idol but she was always too scared when the final season starts she decides to audition just to see if she's good enough it turns out she makes it all the way to the top ten that shocks her a lot but what shocks her the most is she finds out she has a secret admirer but she's stomped about who it is her idol friends say it's between two boys Mackenzie and Dalton their both cute and love hanging with her she can't figure out her feelings for which boy but when she finally does will they survive the completion together?


1. Hollywood Week

Tristan's POV
HA I CAN'T BELIEVE I MADE IT TO HOLLYWOOD WEEK OF AMERICAN IDOL STUFF LIKE THIS DOESN'T HAPPEN TO ME I'M DREAMING your probably very confused right now so I'll explain fast basically I auditioned for American idol thinking I wouldn't make it but all 3 judges loved me and put me through to Hollywood Week I was shocked and happy, excited but mostly nervous I been watching Idol for a while now and Hollywood week was always the toughest part of the whole show hopefully I can handle it I came out with a golden ticket in my hand and my family started screaming and cheering my mom was crying she was so proud of me now I had to prepare for the toughest week of my life. Finally Hollywood week was here my mom was coming to support me she knew I needed it I was so nervous but ready to fight for this and prove myself I been judged my whole life and now it's time to fire back I know all my friends at home watch idol and when they see me on it they're going to be so shocked and surprised perfect payback I'll explain later right now I need to focus on the show it was time for the first round where we go up in groups of ten I was up next "Hi" said 2 girls who were in my group might as well make some friends while I'm waiting "Hi" I said "I'm Tristan and I'm Gianna" said the girls my mouth dropped open someone actually had the same name as me creepy "my name is Tristan too" I said the girl mouth dropped open "wow do you spell it Tristan?" she asked I nodded my head she pulled me into a hug "cool we should totally hangout if we make it pass this round" she said the other girl nodded I smiled big these girls were so nice we were watching the group that was on before us and their some amazing singers in that group next was our group first up was Gianna I think yeah that was her name  than it was mine turn I was  so nervous I took a deep breath and sang my heart out I think the judges liked it not sure our entire group made it too group round I was shocked me, Tristan and Gianna all hugged I have a feeling I'm going to be best friends with them next was group round I wanted to be with people I knew but that never turns out well during group round so I walked around looking for a group I was starting to get worried suddenly there was a tap on my shoulder I turned around and it was a boy a cute one too oh great something else to make me lose focus "Hi" I said woah his eyes are very blue "do you need a group?" he asked I nodded "yeah" I said he smiled big "your a life safer cause me and a girl had a group but the other member ditched us" he said that's awful "don't worry I'll be with you I'm Tristan" I said "Dalton" the boy said wow even his name is perfect shut up brain you just met him I met the other member and learned our group name Chicken Noodle Soup interesting name "strange name but different" I said as we practiced I got to know Dalton better and boy can he sing and he's so sweet too our group was up I took a deep breath hopefully we do good thankfully we did awesome and we made it too solo round I was so happy I jumped for joy me and Dalton hugged tightly we're becoming awesome friends but something inside me is telling me that maybe we could be more than friends shut up brain time to prepare for solo round.   

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