The guys

This is about how there are so many horny guys at our school and they can't pick one girl to have sex with. Will they pick Abby, Pixie, or Raegan? OR will they choose to have a threesome? Find out in this book!


2. The date

Raegan texted me and said, 'so, when and where do you wanna go on our date?' and then i replied 'Umm......I caught the flu, so i can't make it to our date.' But that didn't fool her. This is what happened:


R: But it's not even flu season.

L: i guess i caught it early.

R: are you trying to get out of our date?


R: good. because you are picking me up at 6:30 and we are going to the beach.

L: the beach? but it's only April.

R: So? i never said we were swimming. see ya at 6:30! on Saturday



(Logan's POV)

Great. I have a date with Raegan. Who knows what she is gonna do to me? Well, there is no telling and no way i can get out of the date. I have to get a car and pick her up? OMG! It's like this girl is royalty. Instead of a car, i should come in a carriage with 6 white horses. 


(Raegan's POV)

I can't wait for our date. Im gonna wear a longsleeve shirt to cover my arms for..................specific reasons and im gonna wear skinny jeans. He should wear a tanktop and shorts. All i can think about is him............i can't think about anything else. That is why im not doing so good in school. 


(The date)

I get in my black Ford Fusion. I text her and ask her where she lives so i could come to pick her up and she said 7905 Melby Lane. I get there and she is standing right out of the door and is ready to go. She runs to my car as if it is about to rain. She opens the door and sits down quickly.

"What was that all about?" I ask. She has music playing so she can't hear me.

"Hello? Is anyone there?" I take her earbuds out and she gives me a look like 'WHAT THE HELL?'

"What do you want?"She gives me attitude. I can't put up with attitude. 

"Well, i asked what was that all about, you know when you ran to the car and sat down quickly?" I repeat.

"Oh. Well, you see........" She starts.

"Does your mom know you have a date?" I interrogate.

"Uhh.........maybe.......and maybe not." Raegan says with a scared look on her face like i was gonna do something to her.

"RAEGAN! you should have told your mom that you were going on a date tonight." I yell. She starts to cry so i immediately apologize.

"It's ok. Im used to being yelled at by my parents." She said in a sad tone.

"Well, you shouldn't be used to it. Someone as cute as you should never be yelled at." I get her cheery again. I love seeing her cheery. 'She is so cute.' is what i was thinking to myself but it never came out in words.

We get to the beach and i open the door for her. She gets out and she is awed. Its like she has never seen a beach before. 

We were walking down the beach and we were talking and then we stopped walking. So we stood there and i kept talking to her because she wasn't talking. She put her finger up to my lip to stop me from talking. After that, she kissed me. Her lips are so soft and she kisses amazing. We kissed for 30 seconds tops but it felt like infinite. 

After that, we walked some more. Then we stopped and just sat on the beach to watch the sunset. She leaned her head on my shoulder and then i realized 'What the hell? I need to talk to Abby and tell her im falling in love with Raegan.'

"Hey Raegan, i will be right back. I just have to go get my phone." She nods her head and sits up. I get my phone and text Abby.



L: well, i am. so just back off. what wrong with you?

A: uhhh..........nothing. i'll talk to you later.


I return to Raegan and she is just staring off at the beach. She looks like she wants to go swimming really bad.

"I'm back." She turns her head. I guess i startled her.

"Hey, um, can we go swimming?" She asked nervously.

"We can do whatever you want to do." She smiles and starts to take off her clothes. After she gets down to her underwear and bra she asks me to help her with her bra. So i unclasp it, and it falls to the sand. After everything is off, including the clothes on me, we go into the beach. It is freezing, but we warm each other up by swimming with each other. 

"I love you." She whispers in my ear.

"I love you too." I whisper back. We kiss underwater and it was so awesome. We come back up and i notice that she has grabbed my hands and put them around her waist. 

End of chapter 2

A/N : I hope u guys really like this chapter. I thought it was a good one. LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

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