The Zodiacs

The Zodiac situations.


2. The Signs Have A Rap-Battle

The Signs Have A Rap-Battle

As the crowd settles, Libra starts to quickly say his intro, but in the middle of it, Aries screams out the lyrics to Everybody Dance Now, while Leo beatboxes in the background. Cancer comes up and flirts with everyone near her, while Virgo swears that Aries is violating 15 laws. Taurus and Scorpio decide to light the makeshift stage on fire, causing Sagittarius to mess up their hair and punch Libra in the mouth. While this is going on, Capricorn is taking selfies and posting them on Instagram (#justrappin’), and Pisces is challenging Aquarius to a battle, that results in Pisces knocking Aquarius out. Soon, the cops show up and Gemini goes crazy, gets their hands on T.N.T., and ends up blowing up half the city. Talk about going out with a bang!

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