The Zodiacs

The Zodiac situations.


3. The Signs Go To A Concert

The Signs Go To A Concert

To start things off, Virgo complains that they always have to buy the tickets to everything. Taurus tells Cancer that there’d better be food, but Cancer is just focused on texting Aries, who is just in front of her, driving the car that they are in. Aries punches the wheel and screams that they know that they are going to a concert for the first time and to please hush. Gemini is singing every song on her playlist that is relating to summer, Scorpio is bobbing his head along, and Virgo mentions that it is December. Leo, in the front seat, is snoozing. Libra ends up laughing so hard they throw up, Capricorn has to knock him out in order to get him to shut up, and Sagittarius and Aquarius sigh as they talk about their old memories. Pisces just ends up crying for the car to stop because he needs to use the bathroom. That was off to a great start…

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