Simple Way To Remember the Presidents

If you ever have to memorize all 44 presidents, you'll need read this!



Once there was a little alien named Waj (Washington, Adams, Jefferson). Waj’s favorite snack is M&Ms (Madison and Monroe). He is wearing a hat that says QA (Quincy Adams). Waj comes to Earth and meets Michael Jackson (Andrew Jackson). Michael Jackson is driving a van (Van Buren) and has his harry son with him (William Harrison). The van has big tires (Tyler). The tires get poked (Polk). The tire goes flat and they get the tailor (Taylor) to sew it up. They get someone to fill more air into it (Filmore). The tire is sewn up with special material that will never ever be pierced (Pierce) again. Then there is a big celebration with a parade because the tire got fixed, and cannons go off (Buchanan). The parade is led by Abe Lincoln. After Lincoln is his son named John (Johnson). Then someone goes down into the parade to write a grant (Ulysses Grant) for some hay (Hayes) with the help of Garfield the cat (Garfield). They have to go to King Arthur’s round table to get it (Arthur), and they have to get it shipped back over to Cleveland, Ohio (Cleveland). Then, someone sent their harry son (Benjamin Harrison) to help pick up the hay and ship it back to Cleveland (Cleveland). Lincoln got so mad at them because they mishandled the hay when they picked it up that he banished them to Mount McKinley (McKinley). Walking up the mountain, they saw all of these beautiful teddy bear roses (Theodore Roosevelt). When they got to the top, it was really cold. The wind was blowing and blowing-it was such a draft (Taft). They get the willies (Wilson). They get so cold, they start harding (Harding) because they are so cool (Coolidge). They thaw themselves out with a Hoover vacuum cleaner (Hoover). Then they go back down the mountain, past the same roses (Franklin Roosevelt). When they get back down the mountain, there is, joining Lincoln now in the parade, a brave, marching general guy, a true man (Truman). Truman has these huge eyes (Eisenhower). He is joined in the parade with Barbie and Ken (Kennedy). He has a son named John (Johnson). John has all of these nicks all over his face (Nixon). They all then get on a Ford tractor (Ford) that is pulling a cart (Carter) full of Raggity Ann’s and Raggity Andy’s (Reagan) and they are in the shape of a handsome walrus bush (George H. W. Bush). Then there are a ton of Clins (Clinton) following behind. Then, they pass by the bush (George W. Bush) and there is a big, big Obama head at the end (Obama).

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