Crop Circles: My Opinion



    Have you ever heard of crop circles? What are they? When did the first one show up? Do you think that they happen naturally, or for some other reason? What is the most plausible (possible) theory? How can you prove that? We will explore this and more today.    

    Picture this: It is 1676 when you are walking around the marketplace (a place that is like Wal-Mart without a roof) when you spy a huge crowd of women chatting about recent events. You go over by the fruit stand that is right behind them to eavesdrop on their conversation. You seem to be interested in a packet of dried starfruit when you hear a loud, low lady voice say ,”Oh, Jennifer, you shall be punished greatly for saying you’d do that also! The Mowing Devil is real, I do believe! See for yourself on this pamphlet!” You turn around to see something to hide behind just as Jennifer starts to read the group the story of the Mowing Devil. Now, back to the present. What is the Mowing Devil, you ask? Well, cereologists (people who study crop circles) believe that this is the first time that crop circles were mentioned. Now what’s the story, you ask? Well, I have taken the time to decode the old talking into the new way of talking (as in 2015 language). Here it is : A farmer almost made a deal with a mower (a guy who got payed to harvest and cut down fields). That “deal”  they had was to get the mower to cut and harvest 3 half-acres of oats. Well, let’s just say that the farmer was NOT happy whenever the mower named his price. He felt that the cost of the service was WAY to much, so he swore that the devil should mow the crop rather than the farmer pay that much for the same job. That night, his crop lit up bright like it was on fire. But, the next morning, it appeared that it had been neatly mowed by the devil, because no human could do that in that way. Then, the oats sat in the field, but the farmer felt like he didn’t have the power to collect them. But what does that have to do with crop circles you ask? Well, depicted below the words on the pamphlet is a picture of a circle that seems to be flattened down just like a crop circle! During the time that this pamphlet was released, nothing was really going on. Just normal days going on in normal ways. I think that somebody wanted some excitement and wrote this story to see what people would say.

    I think that the theory that is most plausible (possible) is the theory that people create crop circles. Basically, what I’m saying is that people create them by using tools like torches and other things . Now, my theory is probably right because….well…. you should consider the alternatives and then think of mine. You’ll see what I mean….

    Let me explain why I think that people make them: First, study the alternative theories. Well, one is that wind and weather create them. If wind did it, wouldn’t the whole FEILD be flattened. Another theory is rays from the inside of earth make them. Where did that come from? Another one was that aliens create crop circles. But back to my theory. See how much sense mine makes now? You don’t? Well, I’ll clear it up for you…

    One piece of evidence that proves that people create crop circles is that some people admitted to doing it (making crop circles). Two people (the sites that I used didn’t mention their names) admitted to creating over sixty crop circles! Can you believe it? (Some crop circles remain unexplained, but what does that mean?) Another piece of evidence that supports my theory is that some seem to be messed up. Now, if aliens were real, and were flying in UFOs, and they had a view from the air, then would the crop circles be messed up? NO! Also, something that caught my eye was that crop circles look like BALES OF HAY on the inside! People who know how to bale hay could easily create crop circles! See what I’m saying? Most evidence points towards the my theory that people create them.

    I think that the least plausible theory is that aliens create them. Um, there’s little to say about it, but there are some things. The people who think that crop circles are really created by aliens say that the aliens use UFOs to carve them in the middle of the night. “But you have no evidence that crop circles AREN’T real, do you?” you may be asking. Well, I do…

    My reasoning is simple: The things that some say contradict themselves. Some people try to explain by saying that THE WORLD IS FLAT! Ha! Really, though, they did say that the world was flat and that the other side was a blackboard or whiteboard on another planet with aliens on it. They said that aliens just fly into the white or blackboard and create crop circles in the middle of the night and create crop circles! (They also said that the pyramids were a joke played by little alien boys and girls whenever they threw their blocks at the whiteboard and they landed on earth in the pattern of a pyramid!) I can prove that they are wrong because their theory has one thing wrong… the world is NOT flat!

    One piece evidence that supports that this theory is wrong is that some crop circles have mistakes. Like I said before, if aliens can fly in UFOs and survey the area, wouldn’t they get it right? Yes! But, some WEREN’T made right! See, again the “fact” contradicts itself. Another reason why the theory that aliens create crop circles is wrong is the fact that they only happen at night. Now, wouldn’t it be MUCH easier to make a crop circle whenever most people are asleep and it is dark out? I think that it would. Just think about it…

    In conclusion, crop circles feel like just a big, huge hoax to me. What do you think now that it is all said and done? Do you agree with me? Do you disagree? Did you learn anything you didn’t know? I think that crop circles are one of the most interesting mysteries of all time.

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