FNAF World

It's Is a new version of the famous horror game FNAF [Five Nights At Freddy's]
but now there... CUTE!!


2. Find the clock

In fnaf world, you can not say 'Done' and ill take you to a Some Sort Of Gliched Fredbear and he tell's you to Find The Clock in 4 Different Locations. Fazbear Hills, Mysterious Mines, Mysterious Mines, Unknown To me. [ Haven't got that far yet, im sorry] So you have to listen to him to get the Clock Ending. They are 9 Endings I think, or 8. Endings are Universal ending, Scott Ending, Security Ending, Wood Chipper Ending, 4-Code Ending, Pearl Ending, Clock Ending, Someone Can tell me the Last Ending in FNAF World




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