A Carnation's Justice


1. Chapter One

The men ushered Breton down the hallway, tightening the handcuffs around his wrists.

This would happen daily.

The handlers would shove him in his cell and lock him away from the others. He practically lived in Solitary Confinement. And if anyone would dare to speak to him, they would be taken away, to questioning. 

See, nobody exactly knew why he was put in jail. Not even the men that arrested him. All they knew was that he was sentenced to 14 years in prison. 

And today just happened to be the start of the count-down of his last year.

He was determined to have his revenge.



The men practically threw him into a new cell. He grunted, having no knowledge of this suspiciously-clean room. 

A boy, no older than Breton, sat on the bottom bunk. His short, brownie bangs laid over his face, covering his emerald eyes, and his peachy skin reflected the light like a smudged piece of glass, while his height was equivalent to a woman.

"This is your new cellmate," the handler choked on his words, "Don't do anything stupid."

The boy cringed and sank further back into the bed.

"You're lucky you even get a better cell," the guard said as he closed the cell door, his partner giggling at his comments.

Breton slithered along the concrete floor, slowly heading towards the short, skinny boy. His green orbs glanced down at the human snake, eyeing him suspiciously. 

"What's your name?" the boy asked, patiently waiting for Breton's response. 

The ginger shifted onto his side and laid flat on his back, peering up at the boy. 


The boy's expressed phased to an "are you kidding me" look.

"Okay... What's your real name?"

A few silent moments passed by, and Breton quirked his brow, lifting himself up from his position. 

The way he spoke... He sounded like a girl, Breton thought.

"... Lloyd," the boy mumbled, fiddling with his hands. "My name is Lloyd."

Breton chuckled. "Name's Breton. You're pretty cute, ya know?"

"What?" Lloyd semi-blushed as he sank even further into the bed; to the point that he was practically being swallowed by the covers.

He laughed again. "It was just a joke. But, you do look like a girl," Breton furrowed his brows.

Lloyd continued to fiddle his fingers, burying himself under the woolen blankets. 



A few hours of bonding, and the handlers come back. Breton quickly sits on the top bunk, acting as if he was minding his own business, as Lloyd huddles under the covers, steadily breathing while he "sleeps".

The men open the little door installed in the cell door, one holding a tray. 

"Here's your dinner, [1]bimbos," the guard snorted, sliding the tray through the tiny slot.

Breton reached out for the tray, smiling up at the officers. "Thanks, [2]Cowboy."

The two men stared in disbelief. Breton had actually talked to an officer. And called him a Cowboy. 

"Alright, pansy, I guess you won't be eating tonight."

The officer pulled the tray back through the slot. His partner, merely a beginner, held Lloyd's tray. 

As the handler walked away laughing, his partner stared back at the two [3]cellies.

Looking out for any officers, he squatted and slid the tray through the [4]bean-slot.

Lloyd glanced at the newbie, making him blush. 

"H-here's your dinner," he quickly whispered and ran off.

"Thank you!" Lloyd smiled as the startled man dashed down the hallway, catching up with his partner.

He quickly divided his tray between his cellmate. Today's dinner was mashed potatoes, green beans, and a small bowl of soup; pretty good for prison food. Before Breton could blink, Lloyd had the food set out on the small table provided by the jail. For some reason, Lloyd gave Breton more food than himself.

"Hey," Breton flashed a serious glare, one that could pierce the heart and soul of a small child. 

Of course, this one pierced Lloyd.

"Aren't you hungry?"

Lloyd shook his head.

"Look. I know the prison guards that monitor us don't exactly treat others respectfully," he sighed, "And I know that you aren't who you say you are."

Lloyd's lit-up face suddenly fell to the ground. He dashed to the other side of the cell and pounced onto Breton, covering his mouth and pulling out a small dagger.


"Listen here, pansy. I didn't sneak in to give you men blow-jobs. I'm here on a very important mission, and I do not intend to let you mess this up."



[1]bimbos: prison slang for stupid, doll-faced girls.

[2]Cowboy: a horrible, low salary prison guard.

[3]cellies: cellmates in prison.

[4]bean-slot: the tiny slot built into the prison cell doors to slide food through.

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