The Center Of My Galaxy

Its wasn't expected that there would be a girl named Galaxy ,but there is .

15 year old Galaxy Roberts is a girl in desperate need of saving. She is abused emotionally and physically at both home and school . It is so bad that she hardly attends school anymore without a broken jaw , busted lip, or some other brutal injury . When her mother died when Galaxy was 5 , thats when things started to go down hill for the young girl.

Everytime she tries to run away, her father or his friends always find her and she is put on lock down .

But what if one day when she is on a early morning walk, she runs into 5SOS's Luke Hemmings?


6. "Galaxy your accident has gone viral"

"Is it true that i will never find peace it true that i will never find love... The world will always find ways to hurt you. To punish you for the sins you never even committed ...."

-Galaxy Skylar



Galaxy's POV

What Lukes friend ,ashton being his name ,showed us was a video of Luke saving me from the car accident . 

"Oh no...."I cried . 

"Hey hey hey....Gal will be alright ." said Luke's other friend Michael, who had crazily dyed hair , blue and lime green.

"No its not..he ....he can find me ...i have to leave here..."I said about to run out of the mansions double doors but luke caught a hold of my arm .

"Who ? "Michael asked.

"My father...."I mumbled.

"He attacked me and Alle at her place while we were there to pack her things..."Luke explained.

"I cant put you guys at risk...all you did was knock him unconscious luke..he will find me either way...."I said and turned to walk away .

"We can move..."



"Luke we got tour in a few weeks..."Calum said.

"We can make a could be a vacation...."Michael said.

"Thats actually a great idea. "Luke said then looked at me , moving his grip from my upper arm to gently grasp my hand. I couldnt help but blush like a madman.

"What do you think Alle ? Are you up for moving to london?"Luke asked me.

"Sure...lets do it ..."



1 year later..




Luke's POV

Its been a year since these past events have happened . A while after we moved to london , we went to tour and Alle stayed at the apartment . We skyped her every chance we got since we got her a Mac Book Air and a Iphone6 after we moved. She said she never owned a nice item like this before and i feel upset that that lowlife never treated her like the queen she truly is .Tomorrow is her 16th birthday and we werent able to properly celebrate her 15th with her so the mates and i are going to male this memorable for her.


We are coming back home tomorrow morning to London and we are going to make this day memorable for her..


Thats going to be the day that i tell her how i truly feel for her ....





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