Star Trek Defiance: Breakout

Michael, Chloe and Arsenal found the Guardians of the Galaxy and now its time for them to escape from prison.


6. 6

The inmates then grabbed ruble and took the guard’s weapons and began coming after them and Groot grabbed the first inmate and slammed him into the ground before he grabbed another and threw him away and he grabbed others as they charged after him and when a large group came Groot extended his arms and swung them around knocking both inmates and guards down in his path all the while roaring as Rocket fired his gun electrocuting the other inmates and guards that tried to come from behind.  The Green Comet threw her stars and struck six incoming inmates in the chest and legs as they yelped in pain and fell.  A female inmate lunged at her with an improvised knife but the Green Comet quickly dodged the lung and made a roundhouse kick with her steel toe boot sending purple blood and a few teeth flying in the air.  More female inmates charged at her and the Green Comet made a roundhouse kick and kicked two inmates at the same time.  She then pulled out her two swords and when the inmates came after her she slashed them across the stomach, arms and legs making large fountain like splashes of green, purple, yellow and sometimes red blood as the inmates fell to the ground screaming in agony almost drowning out the sirens that are blaring.  Gamora grabbed two stun batons that littered the ground and as the inmates charged with knives or various sharp, improvised objects she dodged their lunges and stuns or whips them across the face.  The Green Comet connected both her swords into one (with a blade on each end) and as the inmates charged she spun her sword and chopped off two inmates’s heads while also stabbing another in the foot.  


    When the first inmate charged Michael he ran and jumped in the air and punched the inmate in the face driving him to the ground.  Star Lord fired his blasters at the incoming inmates and when one tackled him from the rear Star Lord pistol whipped him across the face and rendered him unconscious.  Michael made a roundhouse kick on another in the face and when a female inmate tried to claw his face he leaned back as he slid between her legs and punched he so hard behind her head she crumpled to the ground unconscious.  Star Lord fired his rockets on his ankles as he jumped and fired his blasters as he flew over a large group of inmates and shot them all in the chest or shoulders before he landed on the other side and an inmate surprised him and punched Star Lord hard in the chest knocking him on his back as he gasped for air.  The large, red and yellow spotted mushroom head inmate toward over Star Lord and said, “You’re dead Star Lord!” He raised both his fists and brought them down.  Star Lord hit the button to his rockets and he slid backwards as the inmates slammed his fist to the ground and crushed the patch of pavement that was beneath him and Star Lord was already on his feet and fired a single shot at the inmates mushroom top head creating a purple and black spot as he flew back and howled like a wounded dog as the inmate ran away holding the top of his head.  An inmate grabbed Michael from behind but Michael grabbed his right arm, flipped him over and snapped it as the inmate wailed in pain before pulling out his communicator and said, “Harry open the hatch now!” Mudd replied pleadingly, “Mikey my ship is surrounded by...” A guard suddenly appeared behind Michael and was about to stun him till Michael elbowed him in the face, turned around and kicked him in the stomach sending him flying and knocking down a few guards behind him like bowling pins and Michael yelled, “HARRY!” Mudd made a huff sound and said, “Oye hot head I’ll do it!” A large group of inmates charged after Michael as they took him by surprise only the hatch from Mudd’s ship dropped right on top of them and either crushed them or pinned them to the ground as they groaned in pain.  Harry ran out and yelled, “Mikey boy if you think...” Bolts of green light struck the ground around Mudd and he danced around yelping and then he yelled, “I’m not cut out for this Mikey!” He then hoped his way inside as he was still being fired upon around his feet and Rocket and Groot followed behind after Groot threw a guard and knocked two more down behind him as they were aiming and the Green Comet and Gamora ran in as the inmates were running after them till the Green Comet pulled out a small metallic device and threw it at them and there was a bright flash making the inmates falling to the ground or stumbling around as they put their hands to their eyes and they wailed in pain.


    Michael pumped his right arm and yelled with joy and said, “Outstanding baby!” Then suddenly he was tackled from the side and punched Michael in the face only this time Michael grabbed his hand and arm and flipped him over on his back and kicked the side of his head.  Another inmate tried to tackle Michael only Michael grabbed him by the throat as he dodged to the side and snapped his neck as he flipped the inmate over as another came at Michael with a knife and Michael just kicked him in the center of his body and the inmate screamed as he flew back in the air and slammed his back up against the side of one of the buildings.  Arsenal and Drax locked each other’s left arms and spun in the air and each kicked one inmate in the face.  An inmate then charged Arsenal but Arsenal grabbed him and threw him over his head to Drax and yelled, “AIR MAIL!” Drax looked up as the inmate flew towards him and he punched him in the face knocking the inmate down to the ground unconscious.  Drax then jumped up on a bench and did a body slam on two inmates as they were charging after him.  Mudd yelled, “Hey fellas, get on the ship or you’re going to be permanent residents!” Arsenal roared as he charged through a mixture of inmates and guards and bulldozed his way through sending bodies either flying in the air or were trampled beneath his feet as Drax followed close behind and punched the dazed guards and inmates that got up behind Arsenal’s wake till they reached the ship.  Gamora pressed a button close to the hatch and it began to close when Mudd yelled, “Hey gal what about the others?” The Green Comet removed her mask and said, “They’ll make it just get the ship ready!” Mudd hesitated and said, “Easy missy, you don’t have to be so forceful...” He noticed Chloe was glaring at him and he said, “Oh very well.” Star Lord flew in uncontrollably and fell just inside on the deck and made a grunting sound as he pressed a button and his mask retracted and he groaned, “I think I had a little too much fun.” Just as Michael jumped inside and the hatch finally closed and locked.

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