For Always and Forever- I Mean, Never

Have you ever met someone you've never seen before at a funereal? What if that person was the love of your life


1. The Death

The phone rang. I dropped my scissors quickly and hobbled over to the machine. 

"'Ello?" someone on the other end of the phone answered. "I'm looking for a Miss Gracia, is she here?"
"Yes, this is she," I answered.

"Yes, Gracia. We've received a notification from the hospital. You need to be there. Stat." The person on the other end hung up.

I raised my eyebrows, grabbed my coat, and walked out the door.  Since my leg was "broken", I had to run to the hospital while limping, which was no simple task.

When I had finally reached the door to the hospital, I had a time pushing it open. You're supposed to be weak, Slyvec. You're supposed to be no guts, lots of glory, I reminded myself.

I ran up to the front desk. They did a great job making this! I thought. "I need room 556 please."

The woman looked in the book. "Name?"

".....oh, Gracia Tresu," I said after a minute of thought.

The woman wrote in her book. "Go right on up."

I ambled up the stairs. WHY COULDN'T THEY LET ME TAKE THE STUPID ELEVATOR? I screamed in my head.

When I thought that my head was about to fall off, I reached the door at the top of the stairs that read, "Rooms 448-1000." I pulled the door open, and tottered my way to the door that had the numbers 556 written on it. Yessssss, I said in my head, doing a victory dance inside.

I walked in slowly. I saw the doctor standing over a bed, a heart monitor with no signal, and a body covered by a cloth.

The doctor cleared her throat and said slowly and semi-politely,"Miss Gracia, I'm sorry to announce that David has...passed on...I'm-"

I cut her off. "-sorry. I know, I know. Just leave me alone." I conjured up tears to make me look like I was upset about the death.

The doctor coughed and continued. "As I was saying, I'm disappointed that he died, since he was our only volunteer for the new vaccine experiment. But....we've investigated the cause of death, and it seems that the vaccine wasn't what killed was-"
"I DON'T WANT TO KNOW MORE, OKAY!?!?!?!" I screamed at her through my (fake) sobs. "Let's just have the funereal."

"His mother's already set the date. It will be this evening. There will be no visitation, only a funereal," explained the doctor. "Here, call her from my phone." She held her hand that revealed a pink and neon green phone.

I tried to make my voice weak as I said, "I have my own phone." I pulled it out and dialed the number for my "mother-in-law".

"Who is it?" she answered.

"Gracia," I replied, seemingly choked up.

"What is it?"

"You made funereal arrangements for this evening for David?"

There was a pause.


"Oh, yes. Come see me now." There was a click as she hung up.

"Gotta go," I sobbed.


The short black dress was touching the back of my knees lightly as I walked down the aisle. Remember, you're a widow. This dress may be pretty, but it's because he died, I had to remind myself. I walked up to the podium, my black veil covering my eyes, mascara running down my cheeks. 

I looked through the crowd. "Hello-" I froze suddenly. Out in the crowd was someone I didn't recognize. I'd never seen him before.

I froze.

I was paralyzed.

Paralyzed by the beauty.

Paralyzed by the jet black hair, the piercing blue eyes, the muscular body, the everything.

There was a snap behind me.

"CUT!" yelled the director. 

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