one direction imagines

Give me name age what 1D boy and if you want it to be innocent middle or dirty I will write one or two a day but I also write other storys thnx❤


7. dana ❤ liam

​" dana can you stay for an hour more" my manager alex asked me. work for a fast food place and go to school but since its Saturday I'm working all day now. "sure cuz I love spending everyday here right" I smiled at him "very funny and thanks" he grabed his jacket and left. Four guys came and were at the counter " welcome to nandos what can I get you" I smiled at them . They ordered and payed "your food will be brought to you in a bit thank you" they nodded and left when the meals were ready I took the trays to them "here you go is there anything you guys need" "yeah um my mate Liam would like your number please" I turned to a guy that was looking away while the others laughed I took out a paper and wrote my number and gave it to him. They all looked shocked and I went back in the kitchen "bye dana " the cook said "bye matt" I herd my phone vibrate "can I see you tonight " it was a txt from I'm guessing the guy I was thinking of what to reply but I smiled when I saw it was time to leave I grabed my jacket "bye ray " I said to the other cook who was going to close. I got out and herd my phone ring I saw the number and picked it up " hello" i smiled he was so cute and seemed like a good guy." Hey can I see you tonight" "um yeah but I'm barely getting out of work " i said. "its fine i wanna see you" i smiled. " um were are you " " me and the guys left i droped them off at their house .......skipp

​i was taking a shower because i didn't whant to smell like food when he came it was going to be weird . I know its kind of weird but i gave him my stress. I herd a know and quickly grabed the shorts and shirt and put them on. We came in and sat down we watched a movie and ate after i was sitting down and he came to tickle me "no Liam please " i was laughing so hard i put my hands behind his neck and wraped my legs around his waist " no more" i was breathing heavy and our faces were so close it. He leaned down and kissed me slowly and he started rubbing his hands around my waist when i had the urge i kissed him hard and took his shirt of and he took my clothes off it was amazing i took his pants off and we got comfortable with him over mei felt him inside and let out a moan "harder Liam" i tightened my grip on him and he went faster i was reaching my climax and he was moaning with me it was so sexy. " cum in me Liam" don't worry birth control i know what your thinking "i about to cum baby" i smiled and we came i felt his liquid in me. "that feels so good" he laid on my chest. "Liam you wanna go out with me" " absolutely "

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