The mess of it all

Chaos. Is what happens. At the start or at the end. Unfortunately for Amy it's not that simple. Chaos comes when she least expects it.


4. Long train home

After the show we were all buzzing. The excitement was contagious and we all had caught it. We only just managed to catch the train back, due to the length of time it took us to get organised. We all retook our seats and I got out my book to read. It was a great book by the way- 'Harry Potter and the deathly hallows' amazing. I didn't really pay attention,again to Luke looking over my shoulder. "What you reading?" he asked, with an inquisative tone. "Harry Potter," I replied, not taking my eyes off the book. "Cool I've seen the films," he looked vaguely interested in the book but then turned to talk with his year 9 friends.

The train journey passed quickly, until it was announced that we would arrive in about an hour. We sat there in silence, me with my book, him occasionally talking to his friends. Then it struck me. A burning question in my head I just had to ask. I knew I had limited time but I knew I must ask him. After contemplating for who knows how long, I turned to him. "Why did you sit here. You could have sat with all you friends but no, you sat with me. So I now ask, why?"

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