The mess of it all

Chaos. Is what happens. At the start or at the end. Unfortunately for Amy it's not that simple. Chaos comes when she least expects it.


7. A 96 year old virgin

"Get up, come on you'll be late for orchestra," I pulled the covers over my head (this happened not just because I'm socially awkward but it was 8am on a Saturday). "Mum....." I grumbled. "Up, come on Amy, we have to go soon." So after an extremely hurried breakfast and a shower, I grabbed my guitar and ran to the car.

Once at music school, I whiled away the hours by over thinking the events. I was only half listening to the guitar chords or concentrating on my theory. I still didn't know what any of this meant. Being in a relationship, having a boyfriend, going on, my mind dreaded saying the word, dates. Algebra made more sense than sorting out a relationship, and I loath algebra. "You ok Amy?" it was Dani, my weird best friend dude, who I practically couldn't live without. "Ye I'm good," I answered turning back to my chord chart. It was a few minutes later when I looked up and saw Dani staring at me, her face quizzical. "Something has happened between 3:50 yesterday evening and now. Spill," she looked expectantly at me. "Nothing has happened, I'm fine," she didn't look convinced. "Aw, Amy is going through her awkward teenage stage again," Dani jeered. "Fine, fine, fine, someone asked me out, what's your problem," she grinned. "Who, pray tell," she smiled sweetly. "Luke, you know the dancer," her face filled with a slow realisation of who I meant. "And have you answered?" I looked at her exasperation all over my face. "No I haven't, thank you very much," she rolled her eyes. "You know, you can't avoid boys forever you know." I returned the eye roll," We've discussed this, I won't go out with a boy until I'm 64 and I'll remain a virgin until the age of 96." She fiddled with the strap of her dungarees, "That is also true, except for the going out with boys, Luke is alright looking, a generally nice person, and remember," she said, quoting our citizenship teacher, "it's what's on the inside that counts," we laugh. I'll take into account what she said. I do kind of like Luke, but my mind is in 20 places at once. And it's in the places I don't want it to be in.

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