sasuke's return to hidden leaf village

sasuke has just returned to the leaf village after killing itachi for what he did to there family but sasuke dose not have a place to stay and is walking around and finds the team 7 dorms ...............what will happen next..........who will he pay a visit to to find out what happens..........


2. home sweet home


            yawn I'm so tired where am I said sasuke (looks around ) wait this is the leaf village where i had all of my training. (walks down town) lets go pay a visit to an old friend from team seven. (walks and find the team seven dorms ) a ha found them time to go pay her a visit (looks through sakura's window ) perfect she is asleep said sasuke. (sasuke opens the window and gets in to her house then ties her hands to the bed rale then blind folds her so she can not see who it is ) creak who's there said sakura why can't i see (as sakura freaking out ) someone help please sasuke hurry up and sits on top of her and kisses her so she stops yelling for help. who the hell are you said sakura i can tell u that said sasuke he kisses her again and moves his hands words her breasts well u got hard nipples fast sakura ( sasuke chuckles ) it seems that your body wants me and know who i am said sasuke  please stop i belong to someone else said sakura. who do u belong to tell me said sasuke 



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