What if you had a little clock on your wrist, something like a timer? It ticks down until the moment where it goes blank, on that moment, that exact moment, you find the one. What would you do?

These are all one-shots, some admitted by friends, so there won't be a complete follow up or prethingie from unless I decide otherwise f course :P so please be a dear and read, vote but most of all ENJOY!


1. Thank god I shaved

One minute, 37 seconds.

My legs are shaking. Holy cow, there is no way I can do this. None.

One minute, 29 secods.

I glance around at the faces surrounding the room. Of course my Meeting would take place in the gross, overcrowded cafeteria.

One minute, six seconds.

Somewhere within these four walls, someone has the exact same countdown on their wrist. They're going through the exact same pressure as me.

54 seconds.

Mom said I should be excited, not nervous. Yet I still find myself wiping my sweaty palms on my dress. I can't believe she talked me into wearing a dress. I mean, shouldn't my Soul Mate meet me as I normally am? All plain jeans, blah shirts, and wild brown curls?

30 seconds.

Something deep within me tells me to stand up. I do, drawing the attention of my tablemates. They all know too. They smile encouragingly up at me. I chew my lip nervously.

25 seconds.

That same feeling pulls me towards the center of the room. My stomach drops away from me as I take a step in that direction.

20 seconds.

I continue in that direction. With each step the tempo of my heart picks up.

19. Faster.

18. Quicker.

17. More rapid.

16. It's racing.

Oh my god this is it. The moment my life changes forever.

My eyes search frantically around the cafeteria, searching for someone who looks as nervous as me. For someone who's heading towards their future with no sense of direction like me.

10 seconds.

The feeling directs me slightly to the left. I turn to accomodate.

5. My heart has given up entirely.

4. I stop walking.

3. Just waiting left.

2. Everything is about to change.

1. Deep breath.

0000 d 00 h 00 m 00 s

Someone bumps my shoulder. I twirl around and my gray eyes meet blue, blue ones.

"Hello there, love. It appears as though we're Soul Mates then, eh?"

As my words fail me, the only thing I can think is "I'm so glad I shaved this morning."


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