My Badboy

Chloe is a nineteen year old girl who enjoys partying with her friends all night long. But what happens when one of her regular one night stands turns out a little differently than she had expected? What happens when she finds out she has been lied to her whole life?


12. uh oh

Chloe's PoV:

It's been 3 weeks since I spoke to Zayn. I haven't really missed him because I only really knew him for a day. If you're wondering why I listened to Cassie it's because she is good at reading vibes. She can read a person before she knows them. If she says someone's bad they are. I didn't believe her once. I was 'in love' with this guy so when he asked me out, I was over the moon! Cassie tried to warn me, she told me that he wasn't good and that she had a bad feeling about it but I ignored her. But I wished I had listened to her because only 3 weeks into the relationship he became controlling and abusive and I was stuck with him for 3 years. And who was there for me the whole time? Who kept me strong and pulled me out of the dark? Who helped me escape it and become who I am today? Cassie. That's who. Everytime she says someone is trouble, they always turn out to be. So I always listen to her and, as much as I don't wanna believe it, if she says Zayn is bad news, then he is. So I have to stay away.

I changed into white, ripped skinny jeans, a black tank top, my white converse, and curled my hair. I put on simple make up and grabbed my phone. I walked downstairs and slapped Cassie over the head as she sat at the table eating my waffles. Bitch. She laughed and grabbed her phone and keys. Today we were going to the mall to buy new dresses and heels as we are going out tonight, seeing as I haven't been out in about 3 weeks!!

*at the mall*

I sat and waited for Cassie to come out of the dressing room for the fifth time today. I looked at my phone to see I had a text message from an unknown number. 'Cassie is the dangerous one' what? I quickly text back and asked 'who is this and how did you get my number?'. I waited 20 mins and no reply so I blocked the number and looked up at Cassie who had three dresses in her hands. "I'm getting these what are you getting?"

I held up the back next to me and replied "this". She smiled and we walked out of the shop. As we were walking towards the exit I heard a familiar voice talking and shot my head in the direction it came from. There he was. Louis! Remember? The guy from the ware house? Yeah, him. I ran over and tapped him on the shoulder and he spun round with a confused look on his face. It soon turned into a smile and I said "hey Lou!" "Hi!" He replied. I smiled and he cleared his throat "um..I didn't actually catch your name before.." I giggled as I remembered our short encounter "Chloe. I'm Chloe." He smiled once more and said "that's a beautiful name! A beautiful name for a beautiful girl." He winked and I looked down blushing. That's when someone cleared their throat behind him. Uh oh. Louis spun round and realised that the person had been there longer than we had thought as Zayn stood there with clenched fists and was breathing heavy. "Louis, what the fuck did I tell you?" Zayn said through gritted teeth. "We were just talking Zayn don't worry bout it." Louis said with a shrug but you could tell in his eyes he was nervous. "Didnt fucking sound like it." Now he looked at me. His eyes immediately softened and he released the clench in his hands. "Doll" he whispered. I looked at the floor. I wasn't ready for this.

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