My Badboy

Chloe is a nineteen year old girl who enjoys partying with her friends all night long. But what happens when one of her regular one night stands turns out a little differently than she had expected? What happens when she finds out she has been lied to her whole life?


11. stay away

Chloe's PoV:

We got inside and Cassie sat me on the sofa. "Tell me."

"What? Tell you what?"

"You either found something out or he's done something so tell me because you wouldn't be so comfortable around him right now. I know you. Somethings up. So tell me."

So I told her everything. I told her about Louis, about green eyes, about Zayn about my parents, I told her everything and by the end of it she just sat there shocked. "Stay away from him."


"You heard me. Stay away from him. I'm getting bad vibes from him. Somethings sketchy here I can feel it."

"Are you sure?" I asked. He seemed really nice.....

"When have I ever been wrong about these things?"



I sighed "fine. I'll stay away"

She smiled relieved and hugged me. She then ran to the kitchen and brought in two plates of lasagne. I took mine and we dig in whilst watching adventure time on Netflix. Perfect.

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