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Liam is in a rut. His unforgiving friend, Marcel, blames him for the accident that night a year ago. He's alone and miserable. But when he meets the energetic and lovable Emily Lewis, who has conquered troubles of her own, his life is filled with love and happiness again. This is their story.

This is my first story and I hope you all enjoy =)


2. Wait, He's Your Cousin?

   Emily was in math class trying to figure out why Jimmy ate 36% of the oranges he picked. Why 36%? Why not 50 or 100%? If Emily was a math problem she would be an easy one. 

   Question: Why did Emily eat 100% of the oranges she picked?

   Answer: Because she was hungry, that's why. And she was a lazy butt and only picked two.

   A loud bang interrupted Emily's weird train of thoughts and made her jump out of her seat causing the whole class to laugh at her. It was Niall, of course. He had slammed the window and smashed his face up against it giving her a clear view of his nostrils. It wasn't a very clear view. His crystal blue eyes were crossed and giggles erupted through the classroom. All the girls loved him. They thought he was adorkable. Why that was attractive Emily had no clue. To her, Niall was a great big goofball with a mind of a two year old.

   He smiled widely and waved like a maniac. He always got out for lunch early and never seized to stop teasing her about it.

   "Ahem," came the gruff voice of Mr. Parker. Niall's face fell and he bolted from the scene. Baby, Emily thought. "Miss Lewis," he started with a stern and annoyed look. When Mr. Parker was annoyed his eyes would squint into a perfectly straight black line and his glasses would most likely fall off his large nose from looking down on you. "May I ask what number you are on?" 

   No you may not scary teacher.

   "Number 29," Emily replied with a mischevious look in her eye trying to supress a smirk. A shocked look overcame Mr. Parker's hard features. "Of lesson 69," she finished. It's no wonder Mr. Parker was shocked that she was almost done with her lesson, let alone ahead by two. What with all the goofing off she does he would've been surprised if she even got to number three! See what you can accomplish when you have no social life?

   "Well," he stuttered trying to think of something to say.

   "May I go?" a bored Emily asked. He nodded and walked back to his seat. Emily bolted out the door and made a beeline for her locker to grab her lunch. Everyone sat near the baseball/football fields. Students were scattered on the bleachers and lawns and at the big, trees surrounding the fields. 

   Emily spotted their favorite spot. It was a tall tree with wide branches that seemed to make a protective dome around them protecting them from the sun. Sitting there waiting for her was Niall, and some other boy she had never seen before. The light filtering in through the branches seemed to cast an angelic light upon him. He had light, thick brown hair swooped away from his tan face. He wore the most outgoing clothes ever. A bright striped red and white shirt and blue skinny jeans, but not like the girly kind. It was the kind that guys could pull off without looking like they were wearing women's jeans. He definitely could pull it off. 

    When Emily reached the spot the boys jumped up to greet her .

    "Emily," Niall started. "This is Louis, he's new."

    "I can see that," she replied. "Hi Louis, I'm Emily," she greeted with a welcoming smile. He smiled back.

    "A pleasure." His light, british accent rang out as he smiled showing off his pearly whites. She had never seen him before. "I can definitely see the family resemblance."

    "Yep," Niall chirped. "My dad married an Irish lady from back home in Ireland. My aunt, her mom, married an American. That's why she doesn't get the accent, or the blue eyes," he quipped.

    "That's why I'm the better looking of the two," Emily fired back. Niall placed a hand on his heart and feined a hurt look. 

    "She's not wrong mate," Louis commented. Niall pouted on the ground and pretended to be mad. 

   "So, Louis, where are you from?" Emily asked as she sat down against the giant stump. Louis followed after her.

    Louis came all the way from England. His aunt was so lonely after his uncle died that Louis decided to come and finish his high school year here. He then proceeded to tell them all about England. Emily stared in amazement and wonder. She had never traveled before, and most likely never would. It was beautiful and peaceful, but also loud and busy. Like California. You had your big cities and your small towns. The bell rang too soon and the trio groaned in annoyance before parting.

   Science class was next and Emily dragged her feet in the hall. Science was the worst, especially since her teacher was a total nut job. She didn't even understand half the words he was saying, his mind was all over the place, sort of like her locker. No matter how many times she organized it it would always get messy again. She had to be extra careful whenever she opened it. An avalanche of books would be a deadly one. 

  As she sat quietly in her desk her mind wandered. Was she ever going to talk to Liam again? Or was it just a one time thing? Would he ignore her or not know about her presence anymore? Did he even know her name?

  Speak of the devil!

  In he walked in all his gorgeous glory. His hair was slightly messy and his eyes lit up when they met hers. He made his way to the seat behind her and Emily tried to keep her cool. Be cool, Emily. Be cool.

 "Hi," she said with a smile. He beamed back at her and waved, speechless. He always lost his voice around her. His breath would catch and he couldn't form a coherent word or thought. Why did she make him feel like this? Why did he care what she thought of him? Why did he want to make a good impression on her? Why did his knees wobble a bit when he was in her presence?

  The way his eyes lit up made her smile wider.

  "Heyooooo!" rang out a voice. A light dark skinned girl with wild, bright green eyes leaned her face in front of his and crossed her eyes. Liam jumped back and the girl literally laughed out loud sending cackles into the air. Emily face palmed herself at her friend's behaviour. And she was worried that Niall would embarrass her. 

  "Hi," he replied. 

  Audrey was Emily's friend who she worked with at sugar shack bakery. Audrey was fun, carefree and caraaaaazy. She was always on the go from school to work to God knows where else. It was a real wonder how she got straight A's on every single subject. 

  "Miss Jenkins please sit down," Mr. Ryerson said as he rubbed his temples. The smell of his tea floated through the air calming the class down a little. He seemed tired and just played videos of Hank Green's Crash Course Chemistry. As Hank Green's rich and fast paced voice droned on about molecular compounds a light tap on Emily's shoulder thankfully pulled her out of her focus. She turned just enough to see Liam as he not so subtly handed her a note. She opened the little note in her lap.

  Can I ask you a question?


   She scribbled back:  Sure,


   She stealthily handed back the note and a few seconds later she felt the tap again.

    Is, uh, Niall, by any chance, your bf?


  Emily almost lost it. A weird snort/scoff escaped her mouth and she quickly covered it up as she started to cough a little. 

  Hahah no, he isn't. He's my cousin =P


  Liam let out a small oooh and replied back.

               Then will you go on a date with me?






  Ok this song has nothing to do with the chapter, but it's my favorite song at the moment. And if for some weird reason you have not heard this song then YOU MUST LISTEN TO IT! So good. Please let me know what you think, I would love some feed back. 

                                         Te Amo readers!








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