This may start out as any other typical larry story but this has a twist. Read to find out more ;)


4. Chapter 4




The next morning Louis hadn't realized that he fell asleep on the floor against his wall. He felt so tired and numb. He slowly got up and walked past his mirror and saw his tear stained face. They were right, he was pathetic. Harry wouldn't like him, gay or not. He felt a lump in his throat and an ache in his chest because he believed his words. When he looked at the clock it was only 4:30 in the morning, you'd think he would go back to sleep.. nope.


He lazily walked into the bathroom and let more tears fall as he turned the shower on. As more tears fell, he felt worse... so so so much worse. Once he was down to his boxers her looked in the mirror and saw how broken he was. "Why can't I tell the lads, why can't I tell Harry? Why do they have to be so blind..." He did slowly cry but he became angry an more upset. "No one cares about Louis fucking Tomlinson." He spat quietly to himself as he slammed his hand down onto the counter, doing it again, and again. Once he stopped he noticed there was blood all over the counter and there was knocking on the door. "Louis? What are you doing in there?" Niall. "I heard loud banging and it woke me up..." 


"Sorry mate.. Was trying to get more shampoo to come out of the bottle.." He didn't move his hand because it may feel numb now but once it moves he will wince. "Oh.. Please be a bit quieter?" "Yeah.." Once he heard Niall shut his bedroom door he cried again and looked at his bloody hand. He knew it was broken but it will hurt like hell. He slowly moved it and winced. This was so stupid what would he tell the lads? What would that page say? He slowly lifted his hand off the counter and got bandages out and stuff to clean the open wounds. After 45 minutes of wincing he finally got his hand covered. Obviously at this point he gave up on a shower and instead cleaned the counter then went to his bed and fell asleep.



"Louis! Wake uupppp!" Louis groaned as he felt a pressure on his shoulder and when he opened his eyes he groaned again, he wished Harry would have woke him up. "Why?" "We have to go to the recording studio, remember?" Louis sighed and sat up and rubbed his eyes and he forgot his hand was bandaged so Zayn gasped. "Louis what did you do to your hand?" What to say... "Um.. i'm not sure.." After he said that he mentally hit his face, because of course he knew! Zayn wouldn't fall for that... but he did... "Oh, um well get dressed, don't want to be late." Just like that Zayn was gone and Louis had his mouth partly open. "You don't care.." He whispered to himself. What he didn't know was Zayn actually didn't buy that, i mean who would? He just respected Louis' enough to not press, that he would tell him and the lads later. Louis felt his eyes water as he slowly got up and get dressed into a white tank top and black skinny jeans with his vans.


Once he brushes his hair and teeth and put cologne on, since he was still trying to impress Harry but also wanted to smell nice, he walked out and grabbed his jacket and slipped it on. All of the lads were talking and as soon as he walked in they got quiet, which made Louis curious. "What?" He glanced around at all of the lads, especially Harry who was eyeing his hand. "Nothing.. let's go." Liam said and they all walked out, except Harry. "What..?" Louis said again. Harry just shook his head. "Nothing huh... you are so full of it.." With that Harry walked out and Louis felt his eyes tear up again. "I'm sorry Harry." He whispered as he tried to calm down and he followed and climbed into the car.. sitting towards the back of the van, ignoring Harry patting Louis' usually seat then starring at him when he didn't.




"There.. will always be the k-kind to criticize But i know, yes i know we'll be alright.."  I sang this solo a couple of times and I just can't get it right! Our studio manager came walking in and sighed. "Louis, this is the 6th retake." I bite my lip slightly. "sorry.. I know it sounds bad.. that I sound bad-" "No Louis, you don't sound bad, your voice is just shaky. Just calm down and sing when you're ready." He stepped out and I sighed, taking a deep breath and i close my eyes, calming down. I keep my eyes closed and I sing my line. "There will always be the kind to criticize but I know, yes i know we'll be alright." I re opened my eyes and he was smiling, giving me two thumbs up. I sighed with relief then i walked out. "Great job Lou, the others have already headed out." "Oh, thanks."


Did they leave me? I started to jog down the halls and I looked outside the door. "Oh thank god." I mumbled as i walked out there and got into our van, sitting back again. "Took you long enough Tomlinson." Liam joked as they started the van and drove. I just laughed slightly. "Why did it take so long anyway?" Zayn asked. "I um.. kept messing up my lines." He looked down to his hands that were rested in his lap as he heard that angelic voice. "Aw, it's okay Lou. You'll do great when we perform tomorrow, you're just tired." 


"yeah.. tired." He muttered quietly so only he could hear, but Harry heard him but stayed quiet. Soon after the silent car ride, besides hearing the radio, they got to their hotel and they climbed out and Louis went straight up to his room and locked the door behind him. Louis sighed and he went to the bathroom and turned the water on as he stripped down to his boxers, looking in the mirror and frowned. Louis always hated his stomach, his legs, arms. He used to not care so much... now he is starting to hate himself. He looked away as he got out of his boxers and stepped into the shower, letting the hot water hit his back and relax his tense muscles. It felt so good, and he washed his body and hair, keeping his mind clear for once. When he finished he stepped out and wrapped a towel around his waist and grabbed shaving gel and his razor.


He coated his face with it and shaved his beard and mustache away. He didn't really like to shave because it made him look so young but he didn't like it being to long either. He rinsed the razor and his face off then walked into his room and slipped a new pair of boxers on and his sweats, sitting on his bed and got on his laptop.


He went straight to the site, literally the same thing was posted and the same conversation was going.. he scrolled down until he saw his hand. His heart sunk when the people were happy something bad happened to him. But for once... he saw maybe 1 person that cared. He read what the one comment said but read the hundreds of the negative ones. Well this makes them so happy... He shut his laptop and laid down and decided to just take a nap, letting tears fall down his cheeks.



"Louis c'mon!" Harry yelled as he ran down the beach and towards the water. I laughed because he was acting so cute. Louis happily followed him out onto the water and looked at the sunset. "Beautiful huh?" Harry murmured.


"Very.." I whispered. Harry and I used to watch the sunsets together, but ever since we have been on tour we haven't really been able to do so. It was nice to be alone with him for once, and he was happy he wasn't making a fool of himself. He could smell the salt water and some flowers that were near by, it was all perfect. When he looked down he furrowed his brows and looked at his hand. It wasn't hurt anymore? He slowly moved his fingers around and smiled because it was no longer in pain. 


"Wish we could have some time off, you know? Just a week off so we can spend time together or spend time with our families." I smiled and looked up at Harry. "That would be nice." I replied and he looked at me and gave me his famous smile that everyone adores oh so much. This caused Louis to blush some and he looked away from Harry's beautiful emerald eyes. Then he felt a small pressure underneath his chin and he was forced to look back up at Harry.


"You know what else is beautiful?" He whispered and Louis shrugged, not knowing the answer. "You." Louis was blushing like crazy, especially when Harry glanced at his lips and slowly licked his own. Before he knew it Harry and himself were slowly leaning in and were about to kiss when Louis was suddenly pulled back and pushed to the ground. It was some random figure he couldn't tell who he or she was. "Look at the faggot trying to make a move on innocent Harry. Do you honestly think Harry would want to kiss you?" What was happening? The figure pointed towards Harry who was kissing some random girl, causing Louis to feel an ache in his chest.


"Harry would never waist his time on someone as pathetic as you!" The figure spat.



Louis shot up and was gasping for air. When he looked around he realized he was in his room, he was only asleep for 3 hours. When he calmed down slightly and laid back down he thought over his dream and he felt numb. 


"The figure is right..."

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